Be my Valentine

...Be my Bride

When you are organising a wedding you will be almost overwhelmed at the number of matters to be attended to. What with guest lists, giſt lists, the ceremony, reception, transport, photography and clothes, it’s all too easy to overlook the less obvious though equally important things like the rings, stationery, cake, fl owers and decorations. And small and seemingly unimportant as these may appear in the general mayhem, they are all important to the event. Whoever heard of a wedding without most of those? T e rings are obviously selected early on in the arrangements. Bride and groom will decide whether to buy new or antique rings or whether to have a matching set for them both, made especially. Most jewellers will be able to help and advise. T ere are other considerations however. T ere are the groom’s giſt s to the bridesmaids - usually silver bracelets or neck chains. His giſt to the best man, a pair of cuffl inks is always acceptable. He may also wish to resurrect that ancient tradition of presenting his bride with a ‘morning giſt ’, usually a ring or some other piece of jewellery which he will present to her at their fi rst breakfast together as a married couple.

Wedding stationery is important almost from the start of the arrangements. T ere are announcements to make, invitations to issue, ‘T ank You’ notes to send aſt er giſt s arrive.

Order of Service or ceremonial sheets are usual so everyone knows what’s going on and what will happen next, plus place setting cards for the reception not to mention place mats and serviettes. A wedding diary is another essential. Without it, keeping track of all the arrangements can be very diffi cult. All this stationery can be ordered to match from the local printer or stationery shop. It’s worth getting the order in early though, to avoid disappointment. Decorations for the church or wedding venue and reception have become more fl amboyant over the years. Flowers are still important of course, but so are balloons and streamers.

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