New Test and Trace System Developed for Schools


imatix has launched a track and trace kit developed especially for schools. Shield for Schools uses Bluetooth wristbands linked to a desktop control

system to allow schools to immediately detect and isolate anyone in school who has been in contact with infected students or staff members. Shield for Schools is being implemented in schools now and will be available to roll out to other interested schools across the UK and around the world. Tim Howarth at Fimatix said: "We created Shield for Schools to play a

positive role in the management of risk and to give pupils, families and schools additional reassurance and peace of mind during these challenging times. By allowing real time contact tracing of the entire school community, we're helping to ensure that everything possible is being done to make the most of a COVID-19 free learning environment."

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Touch Typing Tutor a hit with staff, pupils and parents

‘ K

AZ has inspired so many to achieve so much,' says Allen Tsui, lead teacher for computing at Willow Brook Primary in east London, part of the Griffin

Schools Trust. KAZ is on the computing curriculum and pupils use the program at school

and at home as it improves: • Spelling skills • Literacy levels • Keyboard confidence • Independent learning The KAZ after school club on a Friday night is popular with both pupils and

families while adults working at the school find that touch typing means administrative tasks take far less time.

u Clean Air. Clean Surfaces. Open and Safe Schools.

Continuing the Fight Against Coronavirus (COVID19) We have made important progress in reducing the transmission of the Coronavirus. But as the numbers of children and young people attending schools and colleges increases and classrooms fill up again, the potential for letting our guard down and slipping back to our old normality returns.

Purify and Clean the air in Minutes 24/7 Air pollution and dirty surfaces are the the biggest contributing factors to the spread of viruses and these must therefore be controlled to keep everyone safe.

So how can we keep surfaces clean and virus-free throughout the

day, without continual, manual spraying and wiping - disrupting children in classes and causing classroom downtime?

The answer is the Boneco H300. A dual purpose, efficient, labour saving, high-performance and easy to clean Humidifier and Air Purifier. It cleans surfaces 24/7 and purifies the air which we breathe.

Humidity - The Boneco H300 automatically measures the relative humidity in a room and then provides the perfect levels. With the Boneco EvaporatorMat Technology, whilst humidifying the room the H300 releases the brand new, patented Boneco A180 Clean & Protect Solution into the room’s atmosphere, where it then disperses across the furniture and surfaces - cleaning, sanitising and killing all viruses as it settles.

Air Purifier - The Boneco H300 with its innovative, integrated filter also cleans the room’s air and, together with the Boneco A180 Clean &


Protect Solution, it will kill viruses and bacteria on contact with all surfaces 24/7. This means the need to manually clean furniture, surfaces and worktops is greatly reduced - resulting in little or no interruption or downtime for pupils. At the same time, it cleans the air in the room and alleviates discomfort for people with allergies. This will greatly help pupils concentrate, listen, learn and study. The understated and modern design of the H300 fits perfectly into

any classroom, office or reception, and can be operated directly using the control panel, or via the Boneco app which is available for additional functions, simply set the desired humidity and the Boneco H300 takes care of the rest. With the Boneco H300 and the A180 Clean & Protect, you are

providing a safe, comfortable, clean, virus-free environment for your students, teachers and visitors.

uCall Drew - 07956 207847 usales@vybrasolutions

Use the Boneco H300, with the A180 Clean & Protect Solution in your classroom for a safer breathing environment for students & teachers. call: 07956 207847




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September 2020

Boneco H300

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