NEWS... DLD College London marks Black History Month

Students and staff members at DLD College London ensured that the achievements of black people and their contributions to society have been recognised, with a special timetable of activities to celebrate Black History Month. As part of its Inclusion and Diversity

agenda, the award-winning leading independent school hosted a variety of events and collaborations across different areas of the school and curriculum to celebrate the significant occasion. The month kick-started with an informative presentation in the school’s grand atrium which showcased to students the importance and purpose of Black History Month, and posters of key figures were displayed throughout the corridors for the entirety to encourage members of the school community to stop and reflect. DLD College London was privileged to host Paula Perry, mentor, lecturer

and author of co-Black British History (Black Influencers on British Culture 1948 – 2016). Paula delivered an informative and entertaining talk about the men and women from the former British colonies who answered the call to come and help rebuild Great Britain after World War Two. The school building echoed to the sounds of calypso, ska and reggae music whilst aula explained the influence that these genres have on the music we listen to today. Students also had the opportunity to watch ground-breaking films after

school which depicted significant moments in black history. From Steve McQueen’s ’12 Years A Slave’ to Clint Eastwood’s ‘Invictus’, the special screenings aimed to continue building on the students’ knowledge and understanding of how these momentous events changed the course of history. Principal Irfan Latif commented, “Black History Month has given us the

time to pause and reflect on the events of the past six months – whether that be Covid-19 and lockdown or the black lives matter movement and the upcoming US elections. All are life-changing events which will have an impact on history and future generations. “At DLD College London we celebrate inclusion & diversity and encourage

our students to speak up and be heard. We are proud of the way our students have responded to the many events hosted throughout October in honour of Black History Month. Rest assured that even though Black History Month 2020 is over, we at DLD will continue to promote and celebrate the role of different communities throughout the year.”

Education leaders launch anti-racism collective for schools across East Anglia

An organisation which aims to engender positive change in the promotion and teaching of anti-racism across East Anglian education has been launched. The East Anglia Anti-Racism Education Collective (EEAREC) will collaborate at a regional level to undertake and deliver anti-racist work across schools to benefit pupils and teaching staff. The EEAREC was set up by Prof. Paul

Miller, Professor of Educational Leadership and Social Justice, Tim Coulson, Chief Executive of the Unity Schools Partnership and Stephen Chamberlain, Chief Executive of the Active Learning Trust. While the scandalous and tragic deaths

of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the USA have further highlighted the need to break down the systemic racism and inequality that continue to exist in society, the EEAREC is committed to promoting through education equity, inclusion, diversity, and social justice for all.

4 Stephen Chamberlain (pictured), Chief Executive of the Active Learning

Trust which runs primary and secondary schools across Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, said: “At the forefront of the East Anglia Anti-Racism Education Collective’s ambition is the facilitation of purposeful collaboration and partnership in pursuing an anti-racist education agenda. “Although many would like to think of ‘education’ as a subject and as a

practice as ‘squeaky clean’ or racism free, that is not the case. Education perpetuates racism in two main ways: institutional racist practices, systems and structures, and through the delivery of a curriculum that is not racially inclusive. “It is important schools across East Anglia do more than just make

statements and we must all commit to robustly reviewing existing practice and curricula, and support and challenge each other to increase the diversity in our workforce. “This will ensure East Anglia is a leading example in the promotion of anti- racism and in the guarantee of an education system that is equitable for every pupil.”

uTo find out more about the East Anglia Anti-Racism Education Collective email and follow the collective on Twitter @EAAREC/

November 2020

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