Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Programme launches 2021 applications

Children’s education charity, The Smallpeice Trust, is calling for students and schools to sign up to its highly respected engineering scholarship programme, The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. The programme, for which applications are now open, is designed to inspire and equip the country’s brightest young people to pursue their dreams of changing the world through engineering. The Scholarship provides 16-year old students in the UK with a two-year

fully sponsored programme of hands-on experience, professional mentorship and careers guidance across a range of specialisms, from aerospace to automotive engineering. Supporting the next generation of engineering talent is key for the nation’s

development and economic recovery amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, yet we are currently facing an annual shortage of around 60,000

talented and diverse engineers. Misconceptions around what it means to be an engineer and a lack of

opportunities to gain first-hand industry experience are some of the obstacles preventing young people, particularly girls and students from disadvantaged backgrounds, from engaging with engineering. The Smallpeice Trust has partnered with leading engineering firms such as the RAF, Rolls Royce and Network Rail to close this gap and provide invaluable, real-world learning experiences, from getting up close and personal with a Typhoon Jet to working on national solar energy and electrical power projects. Arkwright Engineering Scholars will also benefit from a range of

enrichment opportunities to help them pursue their engineering passions. The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Programme is open to all Year 11 students in England and Wales, S4 students in Scotland and Year 12 students in Northern Ireland. If you are a school or student who would like apply for The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Programme, please visit:

Rare Breeds Survival Trust awards first ever RBST Education Accreditation

Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) has awarded RBST accreditation to three new organisations, welcoming them to the expanded RBST Farm Park Accreditation Network. The first ever RBST Education accreditation has been awarded to Merrist Wood College in Surrey. The charity is extending its Accreditation Network to include, for the first

time, education establishments and other institutions that meet the RBST’s criteria for work supporting the conservation of native breeds of livestock and equines. They join the existing network of 21 RBST accredited farm parks and city farms across the UK. RBST is the national charity that works to secure the future of rare

breeds of native livestock and equines. The new RBST accreditations have been received in October 2020 by:

• Merrist Wood College, Surrey: a multi-award winning 400 acre ‘outdoor classroom’, recipient of the first ever RBST Education accreditation.

• Acton Scott Historic Working Farm, Shropshire: well-known as the setting of the BBC’s Victorian Farm series, and recipient of RBST Farm Park accreditation.

• Almond Valley Heritage Centre, Livingston: a social enterprise that New free mental health support course for teachers

In recognition of the incredible challenge ahead, a new mental health course to look after the UK’s educators has launched and will be available for free for teachers, teaching assistants, support workers and school leaders. The training will provide education staff with helpful ways to manage their mental health, reduce work-related stress and engage in self-care as one in four teachers stressed that during lockdown and virtual learning, they had less time to concentrate on their own mental health matters compared to during regular term time, a survey released from High Speed Training has revealed. The complimentary course is responding to rising concerns from the

industry that not enough importance is given on the subject of mental wellbeing, with almost half (45%) of teachers across the UK stating that they feel unconfident that they have had sufficient training to deal with safeguarding and mental health matters. This coincides with the concerning

November 2020

fact that the large majority (81%) of teachers expect to see an increase in mental health issues amongst pupils this academic year that they will require the ability to cope with. Catherine Talbot, Education Sector Analyst and Course Lead at High Speed

Training, said: “This year has been more turbulent than most and it is clear that teachers will carry the burden of a growing attainment gap and rising safeguarding issues amongst pupils on their shoulders. This overwhelming amount of pressure to continue having a positive impact on young people’s lives, on both an educational and personal front, will undoubtedly have an effect on teachers' own mental wellbeing across the country. High Speed Training is offering its Mental Health Training for Teachers course for free for a limited time to ensure that teachers feel confident and content in the workplace.” The CPD accredited course will be available for free for those within the education sector for a limited time only.

u training-teachers/ 11

combines a museum, farm and discovery centre, and recipient of RBST Farm Park accreditation. To become RBST accredited they have each fulfilled a set of criteria

including participation in conservation breeding programmes and promoting the benefits of native breeds.

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