Applying for funding to improve your school A

s the deadline for applications for the 2021/22 Condition Improvement Fund is

almost upon us, now is the time to act if you are planning an upgrade or improvement to your school buildings. CIF is an annual government scheme designed

to help upgrade and maintain school buildings in good condition in order to provide a safe and suitable working environment for students and teaching staff. One area where good condition and safety go hand in hand is a school’s sports hall, and more specifically, the sports flooring. As the premier supplier of solid hardwood

sports and activity floors to schools in the UK, Junckers is ideally placed to offer help and advice to schools who need to put in a bid for new sports and activity flooring. To begin the process, Junckers can help with an assessment of the condition of the existing floor to establish if it needs replacing – is the floor worn, faded, scuffed, has it had multiple repairs, are there dead or soft spots, tripping points or broken boards? Junckers has a dedicated, UK based technical department on hand to offer help and advice. They will schools help formulate the most cost- effective and sustainable solution for each project. Alongside the technical team, Junckers works with a network of approved professional flooring contractors across the UK who will undertake condition assessments and prepare quotes for installation and maintenance work. Following the assessment, Junckers will work

with the flooring contractor to provide cost estimates for supply and installation, as well as time frames and scope of work. Junckers’ sports floors are area elastic, categories A3 and A4, and fully comply with sports flooring criteria recommended by Sport England. Area elastic sports floors are also stipulated as a requirement

November 2020

by the Education and Skills Funding Agency. The ESFA’s specification recommendation is a guideline to ensure public money is well spent as well as ensuring schools get a safe, lasting, quality product and value for money. Area elastic floors, which include solid hardwood sports flooring, are now the recommended product. Specifying the correct product can be crucial to securing funding; a point elastic sports floor which is no longer deemed adequate is therefore likely to be turned down for funding. Solid wood sports floors have always been

regarded as a high quality choice providing a safe, high performing floor with unbeatable lifecycle costs that fall within, and in some areas exceed requirements. A hard-wearing and long-lasting choice, a Junckers floor is an investment that will outlast any other sports flooring surface. It can be sanded and re-finished eight to ten times during its life and with 12-year intervals between sandings, a typical lifespan of 60 years will comfortably be exceeded. Schools may take advantage of Junckers’ Approved Contractors maintenance scheme and 25-year warranty to ensure periodic inspections of the floor are made and a regular maintenance programme is in place, which will keep the floor in optimum condition throughout its life. A solid wood floor from Junckers is also

durable enough to accommodate retractable seating, a facility that makes it possible to turn a school sports hall into a venue for hire. Hosting sporting and performance events and opening the hall to the wider community can become a useful source of income for schools. Junckers floors can be strengthened in a simple way to cope perfectly with very high seating loads, whilst leaving the sprung quality of the floor unaffected. A solid hardwood floor will not be marked or

damaged by the wheels, and surface “tracking” or rucking commonly seen with synthetic surfaces, is non-existent with a Junckers floor. In addition, a hardwood floor is one of the

most environmentally friendly sports floor surfaces there is – all Junckers’ timber comes from managed forests with FSC® and PEFC™ chain of custody certification and are manufactured in a carbon neutral facility. Junckers has also completed EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for all its floors, a move towards simplifier specification for buildings targeting a net zero carbon rating. Junckers floors are A+ rated in the BRE Green Guide and have EMAS 111 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification. Junckers’ products have low (E1) formaldehyde emissions under EN 14342. At the end of their long lives they can often be re-used and are very easy to recycle, in contrast to materials made from fossil fuels. Get in touch with Junckers if your school could

benefit from a safe, high performing sports floor – the right flooring specification will make it easier to secure funding.

Junckers u01376 534 700 u@junckersfloors 37

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