Performing Arts in Education Today A


he Performing Arts play a hugely significant role in helping children to develop their

creative skills as well as helping to shape their personal, social and cultural identity. Learning through performance and expression allows children to cultivate their individual passions and talents as well as providing limitless opportunities for sharing thoughts and feelings. Simultaneously, Performing Arts also teaches

children important language and communication skills, helping them to communicate effectively with others with confidence. Arts also enable children to see and to solve problems creatively through imaginative thinking, encouraging individuality and enterprise. When something goes wrong during a show or routine, kids learn to improvise and how to think on their feet. They learn how to minimise errors and get back on track calmly. Performing Arts are all about self-expression,

exploring alternative options and embracing individuality. It’s not black and white, or about right or wrong answers, and this allows children to develop self-confidence and belief in themselves. With improved self-confidence and self-belief, comes a natural pathway for children to go on to master many more skills that will equip them for life. Educational theorists are increasingly

emphasising the importance of “emotional intelligence”, developing a creative mind and fostering personalities and imaginations as children make their journey through school, to become happy and well-rounded individuals. “Many studies indicated that children who

participate in Performing Arts can enjoy improved performance in more traditionally academic subjects such as mathematics and English. They also provide an opportunity to pupils to explore the world of people from other times, places and cultures and to examine differences and similarities within their own environment” explains Dr Prof Ger Graus, Global Education Director at KidZania. Performing Arts allow children to become


someone else. For a child who struggles to talk about their feelings, there is a tremendous relief in disappearing behind a character or experience and using it as an intermediary through which to open up. Playing the role of someone else also teaches kids about empathy. They learn to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. In performing the part of someone else, they learn what it’s like to think like that other person. At KidZania London, Creative and Performing

Arts are an integral part of the activities on offer. This unique city offers children the opportunity to work collaboratively and independently, discovering their individual passions, talents and skills through a range of educational and immersive role play experiences. Every activity in the KidZania city is carefully

constructed with a tick list of educational benefits and each role play activity supports the development of skills. The Performing Arts activities are often the first taste of the thrills of drama for many children who visit KidZania. The


Roland Music Academy teaches children the basics of drumming in 20 minutes and the Just Dance activity offers the opportunity to learn certain dance moves as they try to beat everyone else’s score. There is even a visual aid available for children who require support with this activity. Children can also work as presenters or backstage crew in the KidZania TV studio on the latest news or weather reports. Additionally, visitors can also join a team of Capital Radio DJs learning how to host a radio show using state of the art equipment. The Performing Arts activities are some of the

most popular in KidZania London and are often the place where children learn to master their anxiety and access a broad range of skills for the first time. “It is vital that we equip children with the requisite skills to build the emotional intelligence needed to advance in life. This means focusing on developing a core set of skills that include communication, collaboration, creativity and critical reflection. Something that Performing Arts can deliver in abundance in the classroom and through specialist edutainment places like KidZania London”, comments Ger Graus.

Tickets to KidZania London can be booked in advance via the website:

Educational visits start from just £10 per pupil if booked before December 2020 and can be supplemented with in-classroom workshops delivered by a specialist Education team.

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