Educational Book Award Winner - PG Online – Clear Revise Guides “A win for ClearRevise is huge for us, both to be immediately recognised for

an innovative new entry into the revision market, but also for how we are helping schools and students across the UK. Our aim is to change education for the better forever, supporting teachers as much as we can. This award will give us more confidence to grow as a business; to help more teachers and to give more students the best support possible and ultimately improve their grades.” Rob Heathcote, Director at PG Online Highly commended - Collins – Big Cat Dani and Tara Binns reading books

Educational Establishment of the Year Winner - Charles Dickens Primary School. Southwark

Education Exporter of the Year Winner - Real Training

“We are delighted to have been recognised for our ongoing work to improve outcomes for children with special educational needs around the world by being awarded Exporter of the Year. Real Training provides award-winning professional development and training to thousands of education professionals worldwide. Our Campus Online platform means almost all of our courses can be completed online, with opportunities to attend some face-to- face and bespoke courses, which can be delivered anywhere in the world.”

Supplier of the Year – Not for profit Winner - Skills Forward

“As we continue to navigate the impact of Covid-19 and look to the future, it’s more important than ever that colleges, schools and providers have the tools they need to deliver a blended approach to teaching and assessment, equipping learners with essential skills for life and work. We were delighted to win this prestigious award which highlights the exceptional customer support and expertise that we offer in this area. The award also demonstrates the real value of our platform; enabling so many individuals to unlock their potential and progress to further education or employment, regardless of their circumstances.” Dan Howard, MD of Skills Forward and NCFE Operations Director

Supplier of the Year – £1 million to £10 million annual turnover Winner – Tassomai

“We have all felt truly honoured this year to be able to help so many schools support their staff, students and families in such a difficult time. It's a great testament to our team, I feel, that everyone at Tassomai has committed such energy and enthusiasm to the cause and that, throughout the year, we've continued to evolve and offer more subjects and better services to more students. We are really looking forward to the year ahead when we can play a big part in the catch-up effort... and with many more exciting developments to come!” Highly commended - White Rose Maths

Outstanding Achievement during COVID-19 Winner - ClickView

“We are delighted to receive these Education Resources Awards, recognition of our outstanding service to education. The awards are a testament to ClickView’s world-class teaching and learning content and the lengths we have taken to support educators, students and their families across the UK throughout school closures. We strongly believe in the positive power of video within education settings and look forward to continuing to support schools with the delivery of meaningful learning experiences.” to come!” Michael Wilkinson, Managing Director of ClickView UK

June 2021

Collaboration Between School & Supplier Award Winner - Tassomai & Torquay Academy

“This one means so much to us as we've always had our primary focus on helping schools to raise standards for their students; Torquay were among the first schools ever to use Tassomai and when their head, Steve Margetts, approached me about building this project together I thought it was really exciting. All credit in the achievement goes to the staff at Torquay and the leadership of Reece Broome - and to our own head of content, Sally Clegg; but I'm proud that the whole Tassomai team was able to adapt the product to meet the needs of a school with such an ambitious vision.”

Leadership in Education Winner - Darryl Morgan - Ridgeway School, Hampshire

Marketing Campaign of the Year Winner - Raintree – Match Funding

“We are delighted to have won this award. Our small team are incredibly proud that Raintree’s Match Funding Scheme has helped hundreds of schools across the country. Through it, schools have been able to get more books into the hands of their pupils so that they can develop a real love of reading and learning. This is such an important goal and one that could not have been achieved without them!”

Supplier of the Year – Less than £1 million annual turnover Winner - Fiction Express Education

“Winning the Education Resources Award 2021 is a tremendous honour for us, for which we thank the jury. Reading is a fundamental gateway skill that facilitates all learning outcomes, and Fiction Express has the clear goal of making pupils enjoy reading. This award recognises the outstanding work of the Fiction Express team and our group of talented and committed authors, who build our stories with this one objective: to improve pupils’ reading engagement and comprehension.” Sven Huber & Cristina Puig, co-founders Fiction Express Education

Supplier of the Year – Over £10 million annual turnover Winner - The Key

“Leaders in education have faced some of the toughest challenges of their

careers in the last 12 months. Our job is to always stay one step ahead, anticipating need and delivering outstanding knowledge, tools and support, right at the moments leaders need it most. It has been an honour to support the sector in this last year, and we’re thrilled to have had the hard work & dedication of our teams across the company recognised.” Caroline Doherty, Head of Education Strategy, The Key

Outstanding Achievement Winner - Jeremy Eves 9

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