Browne Jacobson takes part in National Literacy Trust event to inspire 200 students from Nottingham

As part of law firm Browne Jacobson’s partnership with the National Literacy Trust, Suki Tonks (pictured), real estate partner at the firm’s Nottingham office has taken part in a high-profile Women in Leadership panel discussion attended by 200 students from schools across the city. The virtual event is part of the National

Literacy Trust’s literacy and employability programme, Words for Work: Women in Leadership and helps young women from local schools to build the literacy, confidence and communication skills needed to be able to progress in their chosen career paths. The partnership supports Browne Jacobson’s wider campaign around championing inclusivity and social mobility in the workplace. Hannah Hedges, Senior Project Manager for Words for Work: Women in

Leadership at the National Literacy Trust, said: “We were thrilled to have Suki speak to young women across Nottingham all about her own experiences, from starting out in the working world of law, to becoming a partner and

starting a family, and also share her practical and honest advice. As a result of the event, participants will have taken away really positive and empowering messages from Suki. “We are delighted to be continuing our work with Browne Jacobson to

help young people develop vital literacy, communication and employability skills. Together we are supporting schools in Nottingham and Birmingham to provide employability advice during an academic year that has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.” Suki added: “I’m very passionate about the value in good literacy skills and

how it can set you on the right path to achieving great things in your career because of the confidence and power words can offer and the strong bonds and networks you can build by being able to communicate effectively. “As an employer, Browne Jacobson is very committed to diversity and

inclusivity and is always engaging with its local communities on issues that matter the most. Young people have lost a lot of valuable learning time because of the Pandemic so it is great to be able to support those people and the local schools in getting back on track.”


Hartpury launches professional agri-tech course to support industry

Hartpury’s drive to keep UK farmers in touch with the latest technological innovations and knowledge in the agriculture industry has taken another major step forward. Devised by the Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre, the

online Applied Agri-Tech professional short course provides an introduction to the fundamental knowledge areas linked to the use and function of the latest agricultural technologies. The course, for which enrolment is free, has

been designed to inform and engage with current and future agriculture professionals, including stakeholders in agri-tech, and offers flexible study to suit busy schedules. The course content will introduce and cover important topics such as

data management, connectivity, cybersecurity and its application to real- world farming practice and challenges. Agri-Tech Centre Manager Ben Thompson said: “We’re extremely excited to be launching this specially designed programme to help users

and stakeholders of agri-tech to gain introductory knowledge and understanding as we experience unprecedented technological change within the agriculture sector. “The applied focus of the course means all

topics and learning areas are linked to current practice and address the challenges within primary food production. “From my conversations with industry, I’m

aware that it can be difficult to find the right support and relevant knowledge when you’re making your first few steps into agri-tech.

“This course will provide another important addition to the work of the

Hartpury Agri-Tech Centre to support current and future agriculturalists in this area.”

To discuss working with, or finding out more about the Agri-Tech Centre,

City of Culture legacy courses at Coventry College A new combined

A centre of musical excellence could be created in the heart of Coventry thanks to one of several new exciting courses at a city college. Coventry College is launching four new courses in music, E-sports, dance

and musical theatre, and adult fashion. The new subjects are being offered as legacy courses to Coventry’s status

as the UK City of Culture 2021, serving young people in the area. Laura Johnson, curriculum manager at the college, said the new course in

music would offer opportunities for young people in the city. “The reinstatement of a music qualification is really exciting and an area

we hope will continue to grow over the next few years,” she said. “Coventry has always produced fantastic musicians and we are hoping to

continue that as a result of offering these courses for students. “We hope to collaborate with lots of local musicians and create a centre of

musical excellence in the heart of the city.” The college will also be one of the first in the country to offer a new E-

sports BTEC qualification. It is being launched following the success of the college’s E-sports team - Coventry Crosshairs - who have competed nationally.


qualification in dance and musical theatre has also been created, offering students the chance to develop a range of skills to become multi-skilled performers. The college will also be

offering a fashion course specifically for adult learners for the first time, providing an opportunity for people wanting to retrain or upskill in the industry. The course will include a mix of face-to-face learning and online blended

teaching. Laura added: “It is key that the college can flex its offer to meet the needs

of students and to ensure that the city and its employers has the skills base to meet the needs of emerging industries.” June 2021

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