Collating the findings Once the full roof survey has been completed, the report written and full quotes arranged, it is time to collate the findings into a report to be submitted to the CIF as part of the application stage in that October to December window. What is worth bearing in mind is that every case is unique and has its own timeline – there is no one size fits all. Funding can either happen quickly or it can take up to two years. Usually, funding will be gained retrospectively

after completion, however, depending on the severity of the project, there are occasions where it can be awarded while the project is ongoing or even beforehand.

Bringing in the experts The UK’s educational establishments are vitally important to our country’s future. The fact they remained open to support vulnerable students and the children of key workers throughout the course of the Covid-19 pandemic is a testament to the fact that schools simply can’t close – regardless of what is happening in the world, there will always be a need for certain school places. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interests to

survey, there might not be any action required. As a result of this, when finding a specification manager to carry out the survey, it is important that you opt for someone who is able to offer no obligation, completely free of charge surveys, core testing and condition reports, like PermaRoof Commercial, which can then be used to support a CIF submission – if one is eventually required.

Arranging quotes and guaranteeing warranties Once the survey has been completed and next steps have been identified, it is time to get a quote for the work that needs to be carried out, which can support your CIF application as it evidences exactly how the funding will be utilised. As schools play a significant role in society, it

makes sense that when refurbishing existing sites, materials that guarantee longevity are specified – creating a legacy for generations to come. Warranties are the most effective way to guarantee quality assurance – providing vital protection and security – and will be beneficial in your application in showing sound investment. Choosing a full system from a reputable brand

will usually mean the inclusion of the correct flat roofing system to include any thermal upgrades in line with building regs and any additional requirements such as rooflights, full ongoing technical and project support, and finally a warranty – giving you further peace of mind. But do be sure to remember to check the guarantee you are being offered as some cheaper options may only offer a five-year warranty, whereas more reputable brands, such as Firestone RubberGard and Permaroof 500, will deliver up to 25 years. At PermaRoof, we have access to a national

network of registered installers who will be able to provide a quote for the project, with full

28 June 2021

project and technical support and warranties assured. All our contractors are fully trained and have learned the correct method of installing our flagship system – Firestone RubberGard single ply EPDM but also and including a range of other flat roofing waterproofing systems that come with a range of warranties as standard. However, this does not mean our commercial

team steps back from a job well done. We stay on-hand to provide project management and a full consultative approach from start to finish, offering that much-needed peace of mind that the correct contractor and solutions are being sought and provided.

ensure the buildings themselves are maintained to the highest possible standard – and CIF funding is one of the options available that helps to contribute towards this. Speaking from previous experience, it is essential to make sure that eligible schools and academies submit their CIF bids as early as possible, and by September or October at the latest, to ensure they give themselves the best chance of securing necessary funding. Whether contractors and suppliers are brought

in to assist with a reactive issue (for example, a leaky roof that has suddenly developed) or a proactive approach (such as a full roof overlay), ensuring you’re getting a comprehensive service that offers a guiding hand from initial consultation through to tender and final sign off means academies and sixth form colleges can focus on educating the next generation – some of whom could decide to pursue a career in building products.

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