The new Samsung Galaxy Book Series New ways of learning in education have arrived.

devices, repair and return them to you as soon as possible - right to your doorstep - to let you keep up your productivity. Opening the door to more choices

and possibilities is the Samsung and Microsoft partnership which sees all our Samsung Galaxy Books built on Windows 10 Pro operating system. Providing comprehensive security through a Discrete Trusted Platform Module, powerful tools, and flexible management to help keep your files and data safe in the new world of learning, you can quickly find what you need, when you need it. Keeping your data and equipment safe is so

important, and your Galaxy Book includes built-in protections, even on lost or stolen devices. Use your fingerprint or PIN instead of a password to unlock your device, and feel secure with firewall, secure boot, and file-level information-loss protection that comes as standard. Designed to slot nicely into any school bag, the Galaxy Book’s durable


doption of technology in education has truly accelerated over the past year. Students, teachers, and parents & carers suddenly found

themselves needing to adapt to the challenges of remote learning. To keep education moving forward it’s essential to have the right technology in place that’s also used in the right way. Teachers want technology that’s quick and reliable, while secondary

students need devices that are strong and simple to use. Choosing the right solutions can help cut teachers’ and students’ workloads, improve efficiency, and support inclusion - ultimately driving better educational outcomes. Laptops now need to adapt in the same way we all have. Rather than

remaining tethered to our desks - or kitchen tables - the time has come for a laptop that enables mobility to deliver true flexibility. The new Samsung Galaxy Book Series makes it possible to teach and

learn from wherever you are. Staying connected all day during remote learning is now possible for both teachers and students, and they can do so while experiencing high performance combined with astounding displays and faster connectivity with both Wi-Fi and 4G compatibility. Secondary school is a pivotal time for students. And when you can’t

teach students in person, you need to know they have the right tools for their education. The new Galaxy Book provides students with fully flexible learning and working, without compromising on performance. Designed to be your anywhere classroom, you can stay productive in

any sort of environment - at school, on the go, or at home. And if you’ve got more than one Samsung device? Our new computing range connects seamlessly to the wider Samsung Galaxy ecosystem of products to provide a smooth experience between devices. And you don’t need to worry about multiple wires getting tangled in your bag as our Galaxy Books also have a compact USB-C charger that can be used to charge any compatible Samsung device. When deadlines are in sight, the last thing you need is to be slowed

down by any technical issues. We offer next business day technical support to keep you moving and help you make the most of our new computing range. All our devices come with manufacturer warranty, and rest assured, if you do run into any problems, we’ll pick up faulty

10 June 2021

lightweight metal design combines with a full HD anti-glare display to provide a premium look and feel. Meanwhile, the long-lasting battery and 11th Generation Intel Core processor pushes boundaries to power students and teachers all through their school days and beyond. Overcome classroom challenges and discover new ways of learning

with Samsung’s new computing range. Visit your nearest Samsung Experience Store to explore our range and our Business Solutions Experts will be on-hand to help you find a tailored solution to your education needs. Alternatively, you can arrange a one-on-one online session or arrange a visit to your workplace.

Get in touch onu0333 344 1916 or, or request a call back from one of our Business Solutions Experts.

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