Edtech gaming studio Kuato hopes to save the day and support children during lockdown with free Marvel Hero Tales

UK-based edtech gaming company, Kuato Studios, has made its award-winning Marvel Hero Tales

educational game and all its in game content, free on iOS for a limited time. It will be a helpful tool to support parents and children through the new nationwide lockdown, which has seen the UK Government announce that all schools must close, and education has to move online once again. Marvel Hero Tales is aimed at helping children aged five to 11 bolster their language and communication

skills by providing an educational game set in the beloved Marvel Universe many children will already be familiar with. Children play the game with superheroes including Spider-Man through to Scarlet Witch, while being encouraged to build their vocabulary, reading and storytelling skills throughout. Home schooling will vary across households and personal circumstances, so a selection of resources to

support the process will be essential. Marvel Hero Tales currently being available for free aligns with Kuato’s mission – to empower children and parents with education-based gameplay – and it is something particularly close to managing director Mark Horneff’s heart. Horneff comments: “Education is being disrupted on an unprecedented scale, with many parents

concerned about their child’s screen time and cognitive development. Growing up with dyslexia, I always found reading incredibly difficult and so it was something I just wasn’t interested in until I discovered my passion for reading through comics. “I want to bring that same experience to other children in a way that is both fun and educational. We hope that by making this game free we are taking

some of the pressure off of parents during lockdown, while also supporting a child’s education in a constructive and engaging way.” The game and all in-game content will be free to download from the App Store until Wednesday 10th February.

English teaching expert David Didau joinsOrmiston

Deadline looms for applications toMillennium Point Charitable

Trust Scholarship 2021 West Midlands students have until the end of the month to apply for the Millennium Point Charitable Trust Scholarship 2021, a life-changing opportunity to receive a fully paid-for degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). The closing date for applications is January 31st 2021; five applicants will

be invited to a final assessment day in March 2021 before a winner is announced. The programme, now in its seventh year, offers one lucky undergraduate

complete funding for their degree, from a choice of over 20 courses at the faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment at Birmingham City University (BCU). The scholarship has already funded six young people from the region

through their degrees at Birmingham City University; the first scholarship winner, Malik Sheryar Karamt, graduated in July 2018 with a first-class honours in Mechanical Engineering. The scholarship is the flagship initiative from the Millennium Point

Charitable Trust, and is fully funded by the charity, which in 2020 has invested more than £560,000 in STEM-related organisations, projects and initiatives, based in the West Midlands. Applications are only being accepted from students in the West Midlands

region, who cannot already have or are currently studying an undergraduate degree; submissions are particularly being encouraged from traditionally marginalised groups in the field of STEM, such as LGBTQ or BAME people, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Academies Trust David Didau has been appointed the Senior Lead Practitioner for English by Ormiston Academies Trust to work with its team of lead practitioners, English curriculum leads, subject teachers and mentors, to develop the English curriculum and subject-based pedagogy for its schools and teacher training provider. Mr Didau, who sits on the

Midland Knowledge Schools Hub, funded by the Department for Education, is a former head of English at a secondary school whose work has also included advising Ofsted on how to inspect lessons. He is also a successful author, having penned several books including

Intelligent Accountability, Making Kids Cleverer and The Secret of Literacy, has a very widely read blog, Learning Spy, and is a sought-after speaker at leading education events. Mr Didau is from the West Midlands, where OAT, the largest secondary

school academy trust in the country, has a number of its 40 academies. Working alongside English teachers across the Trust, David will be drawing on their collective expertise to develop a English curriculum that can be used in OAT’s schools. Mr Didau said: “I am thrilled to be joining Ormiston Academies Trust and

am looking forward to working with the team. English is such an important subject and I’m excited at the prospect at being able to put some of my ideas about how it should be taught and how the curriculum should be organised into action. I hope I am able to contribute to the high quality of teaching and learning that already exists in OAT’s schools.” Tuesday Humby, Ormiston Academies Trust’s National Director of Teaching

and Training, said: “David is a brilliant thinker and writer about education generally, but it is

his particular ambition for a child’s experience of English that is most exciting for us at OAT. His determination to keep children and school staff at both the forefront and centre of all decision-making around curriculum means he is a great fit for us.”

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