SteriType®workspace protection range helps in the fight against COVID-19


teriType® provides a comprehensive workspace hygiene solution for classrooms, IT suites, libraries and washrooms, plus dining, study and

communal areas. The anti-viral, self-adhesive film inactivates >90% of enveloped viruses

(such as coronavirus) within two hours. Easy to apply, the film is ideal for door handles, push plates, handrails, desks and surfaces. It withstands cleaning chemicals, and comes in 10m and 25m rolls, for cutting to size. SteriType keyboard and laptop covers protect against damage from

cleaning fluids and accidental spills, and withstand frequent sanitising with harsh chemicals. Keyboard covers are available for all major brands, or custom moulded for significant quantities. SteriType products incorporate SteriTouch® lifetime antimicrobial

protection against bacteria including MRSA, Salmonella, E.coli, Listeria and more, and have been used in the NHS for over 10 years.

uIndividual products can be bought online at For larger quantities, custom keyboard covers and complete protection packages, please call 01495 211400.

Mul-T-Lock helps secure schools of the future


ith schools and universities reopening across the country, the safety of students and staff has never been more important. Security expert

Mul-T-Lock recognises that every educational facility has a different security requirement and effective management of everyone who comes and goes is paramount – saving time, expense and tightening security. For schools that are looking to upgrade or extend their current master

key suite, Mul-T-Lock offers a wide range of cost effective solutions to address the varying needs of education buildings. These incorporate patented mechanical and electro-mechanical technology, providing enhanced security with increased control over access; at the same time reducing the number of keys that can be lost or stolen. Mul-T-Lock has also recently launched a new antibacterial key solution,

providing a more hygienic solution for education applications. The keys feature an antibacterial plastic head that contain an agent that supresses the growth and spread of unwanted bacteria.

u01902 364200

Offering choice in a strange, new world O

n a recent family holiday to South East Asia, we noticed the amount of people wearing face coverings was very high and our son had even started wearing

one, which we found a bit weird as we, as nurses had only seen masks being used in Hospital settings. At the very start of the coronavirus pandemic it seemed obvious to us that wearing

a mask would protect ourselves, and others from catching the virus but we didn’t like the idea of buying the disposable ones as the NHS was clearly struggling to get hold of them, so I bought a box of fashion face masks off the internet and used these instead. It was obvious that the disposable masks people were using would become the

next environmental issue and so we thought it would be a good idea to invest in a vending machine and fill it with the fashion face coverings we were buying for ourselves and family. We now supply contactless vending machines that dispense around 25 different

colours and styles of coverings, as well as small, easy to use moisturising anti- bacterial hand gels to shopping centres, colleges and universities, Basically anywhere there are lots of people passing by who may want an environmentally better choice for a face covering. There are styles to suit anyone, and most masks have vents to stop glasses fogging up, plus 5 layers of protection with activated charcoal filters. The masks are made of skin soft cloth and so are washable for approximately 20 times. Our machines are attractive, with LCD screens which show videos of how to stay

safe, and also QR codes to use on your mobile phones on. It costs the site owners nothing to place one of our machines, in fact we even give

a generous percentage of the machine’s income to the organisation. We keep them stocked with new designs and hand gels and even donate 50

medical grade masks to the NHS for every 50 masks we sell, as qualified Nurses for 20 years, the NHS remains an important institution to us.

u01733 666262 38 January 2021

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