What you need to know

Children can catch all kinds of back-to-school bugs at this time of year and keeping the COVID19 virus under control should be of utmost importance. The cold temperatures and increased indoor activity make it highly likely that this virus will be with us for the foreseeable future. Following the March lockdown, schools have learned a lot and put  schools open and keep our children and teachers safe. Washing hands, using anti bacterial lotions, wearing masks and keeping to our social bubbles.

These important practices are all ensuring we have the best chances possible, but what about airborne effects?

AIR PURIFIERS have been proven to slow down the spread of viruses and remove airborne particles and bacteria.

Why is clean air important for reducing virus spread?  mould, dust and pollen all get trapped in our indoor spaces with nowhere to go. These airborne particles include bacteria and viruses like COVID19 and can live in the air for up to 3 hours. The faster we perform an air change in that room, the better the chance that the virus will not succeed in spreading.

In the summer we can open windows and doors to help, but this is not a great solution in winter, for health and energy waste reasons alone. Italian research centres discovered this year that viruses will travel further for longer in polluted areas. They piggy back the particle of pollution in the air and this makes the journey a lot easier for them. By  to “catch a ride” and move around classrooms.

How do we produce air changes faster?  removed very quickly. True HEPA Filters, combined with Plasmawave technology will reduce the viruses and bacteria in the air, but also ensure that the air in the room is changed several times in an hour. 

The WINIX ZERO PRO is a proven solution to complete up to 12 air changes in one hour, based on a room size of 18m2 or 1276ft2. It is now  the time it takes to make the air safe for the next client entering the room.

 The most important features to consider are: • the maximum air changes per hour

• ensure it is not distracting or noisy - especially in a classroom • it should operate when it needs to, rather than having to be managed

• safe in its operation • True HEPA Filtration particles down to 99.97%

• Activated Carbon – This is to remove not only odours and chemicals but also mould spores and gases

Plasmawave technology – this technology creates a safe & short electrical discharge to create dual polarity ions (positive and negative) and disperses them into the air. As the ions attach to the surface of air pollutants, such as bacteria or viruses, they naturally remove hydrogen from the molecular structure of air pollutants, thus eliminating them and resulting in cleaner and fresher air.

Automatic function- we want to be able to detect the air quality so that we can decide how hard we need to work. A particle sensor is  to remove any particle faster if it is deemed to be a threat or a heavy quantity in the air. Humans cannot detect this.

 clean air somewhere else. This ensures a good rotation of air in the  within a space up to 120m2.

 No, in fact, those devices might even be dangerous. Some get hot  like ozone, that can be harmful to people at high volumes.

 Air changes throughout any building are important, whether that be at  to keep the viruses at bay.

Unfortunately we do not have built in systems in the schools HVAC solutions to clean down to such small particles, and we need a safe, effective, instant and mobile way to tackle the air quality in schools now.  best chance at reducing the spread of COVID19, but also all viruses,  pollutants that can trigger allergies and asthma.

According to a piece written by the principal at 4th Wave Technology   quality has led to adverse health and educational outcomes across several age ranges.

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