Inclusive education is more than disability S

chool buildings need to be equipped to address more than disability to be inclusive, advises the UK’s leading provider of accessible toileting solutions

Closomat. The advice comes as new figures reveal the country’s changing social

make-up: One in 12 pupils are officially classed as Muslim, with special toilet

etiquette. A tenth of pupils have a continence issue. The number of disabled children has increased by more than 60% in

25 years. Some 60% of statemented children are in mainstream schooling. The simple solution is the installation of a shower (wash and dry) toilet in

place of a conventional WC, such as the Closomat Palma Vita. Looking like, and capable of being used as a conventional toilet, it has integrated douching and drying, ensuring the user is effectively and consistently cleaned after toileting, and compliance with Islamic toilet considerations. It also helps address accessibility needs during out of school hours when the building is open to

community use. It ensures children with continence problems, or who have had a toilet accident, are enabled to be thoroughly clean after an incident.

When was your partitioning wall last serviced? M

any educational establishments now benefit from one or more partitioning wall systems, delivering flexibility to available space by

allowing smaller classrooms to be quickly created, as required. As with any product, the lifespan of a moveable wall can be dramatically extended with routine servicing and timely repairs. Partitioning experts Style, recommends a service contract as the most cost- effective solution, helping ensure safe operation and maximum acoustic performance long into the future. With nearly 20yrs

experience in the design, installation and maintenance of moveable wall systems, Style offers a comprehensive aftercare service supported by a nationwide team of in-house trained engineers. A service plan allows for improved budgeting

and reduced system down time, but Style also offers a ‘call out’ service for one-off repairs and emergencies. Style can service almost any moveable wall, even if they were not involved in the original installation.

WW2 charity to educate next generation thanks to solar panels


n educational museum in Lincolnshire showcasing historic memorabilia from both

world wars is set to save more than £40,000 over the next 20 years, thanks to specialist renewable energy consultants Greenio. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of

the ‘We’ll Meet Again’ museum, in Freiston, have future-proofed the registered charity, meaning thousands more schoolchildren will be able to learn about the First and Second World Wars. The project, which completed following the museum’s first anniversary, will begin to offer savings of more than £2,000 a year. The museum was set up in 2017 by Paul

Britchford, after he and his wife Linda, having started as a travelling museum visiting schools across Lincolnshire in an army truck, secured a £200,000 grant from the LIBOR Fund. The museum now welcomes at least two schools a week. The solar panel installation was funded by the

L-R 'Well Meet Again museum owners Paul and Linda Britchford; Anna Wooster managing director of Greenio; museum secretary volunteer Peter Pimperton

British Airways and Pure Leapfrog Carbon Fund grant, which allows the airline’s customers to choose whether to donate in support of low carbon, energy efficiency or renewable energy projects in the UK and Africa in a bid to foster cleaner, greener and stronger communities.


Solar panels on the roof of the 'Well Meet Again museum

This means the installation was free for the

museum, which will not have to pay anything back and will start seeing the benefits instantly as a result of reduced energy bills and feed-in tariff earnings – a government scheme which allows you to claim money back for every KWH generated from the system. The ‘We’ll Meet Again’ museum is located in

Shore Road, Freiston, and is open Wednesday to Sunday 10am until 4pm during school holidays and Friday to Sunday 10am until 4pm during term time. Special education and group bookings can be made by calling 01205 761082.

u0800 810 0565

November 2018

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