School’s dog becomes the pupil whisperer

London schools project named one of world’s most inspiring

A London schools programme aimed at instilling messages about healthy sustainable eating, preventing food waste and recycling unavoidable food waste, has been named one of the world’s ten most inspiring sustainability programmes for young people. The campaign, Small Change

Big Difference, is one of just ten educational programmes awarded this accolade as part of a global assessment conducted by education non-profit body HundrED. Small Change Big Difference

A head teacher’s pet has taken on a new role as ‘the pupil whisperer’ after extending his paw and acting as a therapist for students at a school in Bromley. Selkie, a 4 ½ year old Labrador, has become an

honorary member of the teaching staff at Bickley Park School and is now helping those who suffer with cynophobia (the fear of dogs), as well as acting as a talking therapy provider for those who need extra support in difficult times. Patrick Wenham, head teacher at Bickley Park

School, said: “Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend but for those who have a genuine fear of encountering them, life can be very difficult. “Selkie has always been heavily involved in the

school community, and having her present is proving invaluable for those who have a fear to overcome or those that just need to trust someone who won’t pass judgement. “Research has shown that stroking animals has

a positive effect on mood, and can help relax and soothe people. Selkie is a very calm, good-natured dog who is happy to take the role of pupil therapist. She is looking forward to helping more children in any way she can.”

was singled out because of its unique pioneering status and ability to create a scalable impact. The campaign, which has been running from 2017, engages pupils from reception age through to end of primary school about sustainability in food, using practical activities and experiential learning. To date, dedicated workshops, assemblies and whole school campaigns have reached more than 5,000 pupils from across 17 schools in seven London boroughs, helping them to understand issues connected with food. The Small Change Big Difference campaign is part of the TRiFOCAL London project; an

innovative pilot campaign funded by the EU LIFE programme and managed by a partnership between WRAP, LWARB and Groundwork London.

HundrED partnered with MUSE

School, a sustainability driven day school in Calabasas CA, to identify ten innovations in K12* that have the potential to increase sustainability in schools across the globe. Dubbed HundrED’s Spotlight on Sustainability, the initiative shares impactful, scalable innovations that address educational solutions to overcome the growing environmental challenges facing the planet.

St Mary’s World War One tribute

poetry and prose, as well as songs and dances from the era, were performed to an audience of family and friends, which also numbered members of the Royal British Legion, former soldiers, the Mayor and Mayoress of Colchester and the Deputy Mayor of Colchester, Councillor Nick Cope. “My wife and I loved the performance,” said

An evening of music and drama in tribute to those who fought in World War One, in its centenary year, was presented by Year 11 students at St Mary’s School, Colchester, on 30 October. ‘We Will Remember Them’ featured moving

Councillor Peter Chillingworth, Mayor of Colchester. “I have great admiration for the girls’ singing and performing skills. We were both affected by the understanding of the World War theme and poignancy the girls brought to it. We were particularly impressed by the continuity and how they appeared to join up the pieces without prompting or outside direction”. The girls performed a debut of the song ‘Nowhere’ written by Deputy Mayor of

12 November 2018

Colchester, Councillor Nick Cope who said: “I was moved and overwhelmed with the pleasure and appreciation of the students’ performance, a truly memorable evening for me”.

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