chalk face! By ANDY BAINES, Founder of Planet BOFA

By now, you are probably fed up with hearing about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), particularly as it has had a far greater impact on school management rather than on teachers, such as yourselves, working at the chalk face. Fundamentally, as a good teacher, you shouldn’t have to change what you do in any way. Here are your “dos and don’ts”…

Don’t: • Send emails outside the school email address containing spreadsheets of pupils’: • names, ages, forms • parental contacts • test scores and grades.

• Send “reply to all” emails as you don’t know who has been BCC’d (blind copied) in.

• Leave your markbook in Waitrose. • Assume that any software you use is GDPR compliant. Tell SLT what you are using and ask them to check. Make sure you email this request so you have a paper trail.

Do: • Use secure file transfer systems for “send pupil data” outside the school system.

• Double check any file attachments on emails and the recipients carefully.

• If you do leave your markbook in Waitrose, do try and find it. • Tell senior management if you do email some pupil data by mistake. All breaches need to be reported; being an ostrich will get you in more trouble now than before.

At BOFA, our biggest change has been to try and stop schools

emailing lists of pupils and encouraging them to use the secure import data function. It was often easier for us to create all the unique usernames for the pupils in schools who did not supply each pupil with their own email address. The rest of our compliance involved paying lawyers to rewrite our privacy policy which doesn’t seem to be that much different from before. I did know when I started teaching in 1992 that the law paid better than teaching; I’m still not so sure why!

If you’re still reading this, I’d like to tell you how GDPR can help you

outside school. You will have noticed that a lot of companies have been emailing you recently checking on your details. That's because they are no longer allowed to send you junk emails if you don’t want them anymore. In fact, you can now ask them not only to stop sending you emails, but also ask them to completely remove your information from their system. You can also report them straight away to the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) at or call them on 0303 123 1113. These companies can be fined very heavily.

The ICO will deal with: • Nuisance & scam calls and messages • Spam texts & emails • Nuisance or automated telesales calls.

As a secondary maths teacher for 25 years, a bestselling author of

Bond Assessment Books and the creator of BOFA (Baines Online Formative Assessment), I wanted to share with you my advice on how GDPR will affect you as a teacher. Because BOFA is what is called a data processor, we have had to update our policies and really understand what impact the new regulations have on my business, but in the process, to understand how it is changing the way we teach.

Keep enjoying the teaching!

June 2018

Does your school’s EdTech budget keep decreasing? Promethean could help…

Each year, school budgets are becoming increasingly restrictive and continue to decrease by a significant amount. It is very important that school leaders use every penny effectively to make sure the budgets are getting spent in conjunction with meeting your school’s objectives for the year. School budget cuts are affecting staffing, technology and much more… According to our annual State of

Technology In Education Report, 72% of educators believe that budgetary pressures will impact student education the most in 2017/18 and beyond. A teacher from a primary academy we interviewed said: “Huge

issues with funding. The technology in schools now may not be updated and that could have major implications.” All educators agreed that lack of funds in the biggest reason for

unsatisfactory technology in school. Our report found that not one headteacher thinks that there is too

much budget allocated to technology! With budget cuts, this certainly will not help the situation as technology is going to be continuously pushed to the back of the queue.

“Schools are not given enough of a budget to be able to provide

adequate technology for the modern world for which we are preparing students.” Deputy Head - Academy Secondary

In order to support and help with these adverse stats, Promethean

have launched The Promethean Grant. At Promethean, we think something other than financial budgets

should play a part in a school’s ability to acquire new technology and enhance its digital learning capabilities and create a modern learning environment for your classroom/school. To help more schools take advantage of EdTech and help fight those

budget cuts, we will be giving away 30 ActivPanels for free to the 30 schools we think show the most innovation and creativity, along with their need for new EdTech and the overall impact it will have.

“Lack of budget largely defines the lack of technology plans. If we

had the money we would do more.” Network Manager - Academy Secondary

“Students enjoy technology and feel valued to be using such

equipment, they work harder.” We found that 51% of teachers are constantly striving to innovate

by using technology as a tool for education – if you win the Promethean Grant, you will receive an orientation session with one of our show and tell team members who will show you how to use your brand new ActivPanel and all the useful hints and tips in making the most out of your panel in class. All your school needs to do is create a short video, telling us why

your class or school would benefit from a new ActivPanel. One of the 30 free ActivPanels could be your school’s answer to a new digital learning environment!

uApply for the Promethean Grant here: The final date for video submissions is 15th June 2018. So what are you waiting for? Lights… Camera… Action!

uTo read the State of Technology in Education Report, visit:

Are you interested in being a part of The State of Technology in Education Report 2018/19? Spare 5 minutes to share your thoughts on funding and technology in education, take part in our survey here: As a thank you, we will select 5 people at random to receive a £25 Amazon gift voucher. 15

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