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With a new academic term starting, Bath Spa University has unveiled the new-look HermanMiller factory, which it has been lovingly restoring for the past few years.

Now known as Locksbrook Campus, the state-of-the-art facility has been transformed into a stunning purpose-built space for students and the local community.

Located next to the River Avon in Bath city centre, the open-plan building has technical workshops surrounded by open, flexible studio spaces, as well as large, open social areas.

Newfunding for Centre forMusic

Plans for a Centre forMusic in the City of London have been advanced thanks to support from the City of London Corporation. An additional £1.95 million has been pledged to commission further work on the proposals including the funding model and technical studies to inform the site masterplan.

The combined vision of three internationally recognised cultural

organisations, the Barbican, London Symphony Orchestra and the Guildhall School ofMusic & Drama, is a Centre forMusic that will be a world-class venue for performance and education, built for the digital age.

Music will transform the way in which music is made, dis In collaboration with local, national and global partner

s, the Centre for covered and shared.

With an emphasis on learning and discovery, world class be combined with state-of-the-art technology to transfor ages and backgrounds can experience music of all genres.

m how people of all physical spaces will

The proposed Centre forMusic will play a key role in widening access, developing skills, providing jobs and training and bring about positive social outcomes, reinforcing the vital role that music plays right across society. Sir Nicholas Kenyon,Managing Director, Barbican; KathrynMcDowell CBE, Managing Director, London Symphony Orchestra and LynneWilliams, Principal, Guildhall School ofMusic & Drama said:

“This is great news for the Centre forMusic. The £1.95 million funding package from the City of London Corporation enables us to develop plans in

“Working with our design and technical team we can more detail.

confidently with the next stage of the proj now move forward oject’s development”.

Originally designed by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw for HermanMiller, the American furniture manufacturers in 1976, Bath Spa University has worked with Grimshaw Architects and constructorsWillmott Dixon to ensure many historical features were kept in the redesign.

Outside, the original 1970s iconic wall panels have been cleaned, restored, insulated and repainted. Inside, the existing concrete flooring has been finished with a clear varnish seal so the history of the building, including trench marks, can clearly be seen underfoot.

Locksbrook Campus is in a central location in the city, and is virtually next door to Bath Spa student accommodation on the Lower Bristol Road, reached via a pedestrian bridge across the River. The riverside cycle path connecting Bath Spa University’s Newton Park campus to Bath’s railway and bus stations also borders the site, making it easily accessible from further afield.

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Careers guidance should target parents, newresearch reveals Schools should be looking to share careers advice

survey found young people are more likely to look with parents as well as pupils after a national

for information and inspiration at home than in

campaign, the Royal Society of Chemistry found As part of itsMaking the Difference careers the classroom.

advice (32%) than they are from teachers (9%) or more likely to look to their parents for careers that 15-18 year olds in the UK are three times

careers advisors (7%) - but more than a third of parents say they don’t have enough information to support their children in these decisions (34%).

that their children follows in their own footsteps – With only 1%of parents saying it is important

the vast majority (87%) say they’d prefer their

organisation said there was both a compelling children to forge their own path – the

March 2020

case and demand for special advice for parents to help their children make well informed decisions. Sarah Robertson, Director of Education and Professional Practice, at the Royal Society of Chemistry said: “Our survey has shown young people value the advice of their parents most of all, so it’s important that they have the

information they need to answer their questions. “For example, young people told us they are considering pursuing career paths which tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems - from climate change to dwindling natural resources and issues relating to health.

“The organisations working to combat these problems rely heavily on people with skills in the chemical sciences but in recent years the UK’s talent pipeline has been slowing.

“If we are to reverse this trend and give young 5 people the best chance of achieving their life

information is availa ambitions, we have Sarah Robertson

ble where it’s needed most.” to ensure the relevant

ry-making-the-diffe ff ference

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