Squire’s’s Garden Centres donates trees to Tilford and Frenshamschools

Squire’s Garden Centres has donated Silver Birch trees toWaverley Abbey School in Tilford and St.Mary’s Church in Frensham as part of their ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign. Employees from Squire’s Frensham and children from the school’s Eco Club planted five trees atWaverley Abbey School on 3rdMarch. Another tree was planted by Squire’s at St.Mary’s Church in Frensham on 4thMarch.

Stockport Committ

rt Grammar Eco- ttee delivers

Downing Street petition

Eighteen Eco-Committee members from Stockport Grammar’s Junior and Senior School travelled to 10 Downing Street to hand over a petition focused on reducing carbon emissions.

The petition has amassed over 800 signatures and urges the government

committee hopes to have a response from the governme to adopt emission reducing ideas including more tree pla


Whilst the pupils were in the capital they spent the day exploring a variety of sustainability themed attractions including the Royal Academy of Arts to see the Eco-Visionaries exhibition and the London Aquarium where the children could read more about the conservation and protection of marine wildlife.

Speaking about the trip, Lower Sixth student Rabeeah-NuurMohammed said: “Visiting the Eco-Visionaries exhibition at the Royal Academy was an eye-opening experience that very effectively showcased the consequences and imminent dangers of the climate crisis.

“My highlight was being able to hand in our petition to 10 Downing Street, an opportunity I will always be grateful for and cherish for the rest of my life.”

Junior School teacherMiss Sarah Knowles added: “The passion and enthusiasm of the children was evident and it brought children from all ages together, exposing them to many ideas which we will continue to discuss over the next few months – providing a focus for the school to help towards gaining our Eco-Schools Green Flag Award.”

www Lomond School launches newre

upon the final stretch of study and revision before As secondary schools across Scotland embark

embracing the power of exercise and mindfulness exam leave begins inMarch, one school is

to ensure their young people go into the 2020

YourMarks’ with pupils from Senior 4 to Senior 6 boarding school in Helensburgh launched ‘Take Lomond School, an independent day and SQA exam diet equipped for success.

recently, providing them with access to a huge range of tools all aimed at enhancing brain

Take YourMarks, which originally launched as power.

hosts a wide range of resources to aid productivity best from their employees, is an online hub which a corporate resource to help businesses get the

and performance. Resources for schools fall under four headings: connectors, mindful moments,

revision tool for pupils stabilisers and zappers and offer a wide range of

videos, sound bites and cues which cover

anything from short HIIT workouts to suggestions for conversation starters and desk exercises, all aimed at activating the brain.

Lomond School Academic Depute, Claire Chisholm said: “There has been much research undertaken to prove that a healthy body and mind can improve academic results and we already do a lot in school to promote this with early morning fitness classes three mornings a week and a significant emphasis on health and wellbeing throughout the curriculum and co- curriculum. However, by adopting the Take Your Marks programme, we are empowering our pupils to be the best they can be with helpful tips, tools and tutorials that they can use wherever

10 they are.”

nt in the next few nting. The eco-

Miss Hemmingham, Class Teacher atWaverley Abbey School added; “A big thank you to Squire's for leading our ECO session. The children loved planting the trees and learning why it is important to do so. They make a lovely addition to our school boundary.”

Squire’s campaign started last autumn, when they pledged to donate 5p for every plant sold in September 2019. This has enabled Squire’s to donate 300 trees to parks and green spaces in over 30 locations, including Priory Park in Reigate, Stoke Recreation Ground in Guildfor Farnham, Littlewick roundabout inWoking and

Homewood Park in Chertsey. d,West Street Cemetery in

Sarah Squire, Chairman of Squire’s Garden Centres said; “We are very proud of our ‘LoveWhere You Live’ campaign.We want to thank our customers by giving back to the local area, and what better way to do this than by providing stunning Silver Birch trees that people can enjoy for years to come. Silver Birch are native British trees that are great for the

environment, as they can improve air and soil quality, and they are also good for wildlife too, providing food and habitats for many birds and insects.We have been working closely with local councils and community groups who March in numerous parks and eryone.”

green spaces, so that they can be enjoyed by ev have planted the young trees this February and

Take YourMarks overlaps three fundamentals which help pupils to get into what Clark refers to as the Optimum Learning Zone (OLZ). By working

programme helps young people consider how a on social, physical and mental wellbeing, the

wellbeing in preparation for study and exams. wide range of factors can affect their overall ww March 2020

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