NEWS Secondary school

safer roads competition students take part in

A class of secondary school students are taking part in a new national

taking part in an exciting new competition run by Brake, the road Students at Co-op Academy Priesthorpe, in Pudsey, Leeds, are competition designed to promote road safety.

safety charity to inspire young people to raise awareness and campaign for safer roads. Brake’s Proj

asks 11-18 year-olds to create their own 24-second short film that raises awareness about a road safety subj The title ‘Proj

oject24 competition, in partnership with Coop Insurance, bject of their choice.

oject24’ was chosen as figures from theWorld Health

Organization show 1.35 million people are killed on the roads each year – the equivalent of one person every 24 seconds.

Road crashes are now the eighth leading cause of death worldwide and the leading cause of death for people aged 5-29.

OnWednesday 4thMarch Brake staff delivered a workshop to 25 year nine students at Co-op Academy Priesthorpe and worked with them on their entries for the competition. The students’ short films will include stop-start animation, recreation of a crash and films featuring the young people themselves talking about figures related to road safety.

The best entries will be showcased by Brake through its website and social media channels across the globe. And winners will receive prizes for themselves and for their schools, including attendance at a special awards reception.

The contest is open to other schools and colleges across Yorkshire, as well as community groups such as Scouts, Guides, youth clubs and emergency service cadets. By registering, teachers and leaders receive free resources including assembly slides, filming tips and fact sheets. There is still time for young people to get involved, with entries due by 4pm on Friday 3 April 2020.Winners will be announced inMay. ww oject24

A leading light in education Maxell, Ltd., a subsidiary ry ofMaxell Holdings, Ltd. based in Kyoto, Japan,

is a leader in the field of energy, industrialmaterials, electronic equipment and consumer products, including primary

co ty

batteries, optical components, projectors, teaching solutions and even consumer items such as health and beauty product Education Today recently caught upwith KEISUKE FUJIMURA, H Business atMaxell, to

ry and rechargeable oj


hear about the ead of B2B

company’s presence atmajor trade show ISE and its product

aj ct range fo for education.

As a prominent exhibitor at Integrated Systems Europe,Maxell is clearly putting down a marker, asMr Fujimura explains.What was it about the show that prompted the company to take part? “With a long path behind us, characterised by quality production, guaranteed by its high level of competence in the technological sector,Maxell returns to Integrated System Europe presenting an offer that ranges from video proj

ojection systems to

teaching solutions, to new professional displays designed for the retail, exhibition and museum sectors.”

With that in mind then, what was the company’s focus for the show this year? “Our presence, compared to last year, was characterised by the recent

operations on the European market ofMaxell and Hitach acquisition by the European subsidiary ofMaxell Ltd of al

and all related accessories.”

Of course, trade shows are all about introducing new products to the public, so what isMr Fujimura particularly excited about? “We exhibited our

absolute novelties were introduced: a new range of professional displays and 4000 portable projector lumens dedicated to the corporate sector. Two more accompanied by the preview launch of two brand new families of 3500 and entire range of projectors with low-maintenance laser light source,

the new LCMagic and Leconage transparent proj ojection film solutions. And 12 March 2020

i brand projectors l the diffusion

finally, our Lecture Capture StationMA-XL1, de sector.”

Focusing specifically on technological innovat

ion, what main innovation did signed for the educational

Maxell introduce at the show? “The main technological innovation that we introduced at ISE 2020 was the solid-state ceramic converter in our J Series portable proj

ojectors, that allows us to have 3LCD laser projectors with no

phosphor wheel. This is a further step in the constant research and design for new solutions, aiming at sustainable progress with minimal ambient impact.” It's well known that ed tech is now a huge in lesser known is the roleMaxell plays in it, asMr “Maxell is a leading brand in ultra-short technol implemented in educational market at all levels.

Fujimura is keen to explain. dustry, but what’s perhaps

Our IFPDs offer great ogy, which is largely

alternatives for those schools preferring to use flat displays over proj And our Lecture Capture StationMA-XL1 has defined the new paradigm for complete integration and bi-directional collaboration, as well as streaming, e-learning and on-demand courses.”

ojectors. https://ww

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