to develop titles that are inspired by certain video games and we incorporate this feedback into our development process. Christopher: It must be Vikings Go to Hell for the level of graphics and the intro trailer we put together. When we first released it, people were blown away and kept asking whether this was really a slot game. Both the trailer and the game contain 3D models, highly detailed characters, very detailed symbols and players fight multiple bosses as they progress through the game. There is a great deal of video gaming influence within this slot and it has worked and continues to work to our advantage as we attract newer players who are video gamers themselves. A game such as Vikings gives them the

familiarity they have with high-quality production and deliverables in popular video games. Annamaria: That would have to be Max Quest. We’ve blended the best of RNG gaming, video gaming, and social games to create a new experience with genuine crossover appeal. The most obvious difference between Max Quest and other online casino games is the replacement of reels with an interactive, action- packed shooting experience. Max Quest

producer or artist to love games if they want to be successful in their roles” – ERIK GULLSTRAND

84 MAY 2019 CIO

I think it’s almost mandatory for a developer,

remains an RTP game at heart, based on the same mathematic models that have long underpinned slots. However, it brings these roaring to life by translating core concepts like wagers, odds, and pay tables into levels, weapons, different value enemies, and even bosses. Max Quest also puts these mechanics at the core of a much deeper, more durable experience than slots players will be accustomed to. Console and mobile gamers are used to games that give them reasons to remain engaged over time, and Max Quest incorporates many of these sticky features to create longer-lasting appeal and increase lifetime value for operators. Players become attached to their own customisable avatars, they can showcase their finest treasures and achievements in a personal trophy cabinet, participate in quests and every game played

will earn them experience points (XP). Players who earn the most XP will end up in pole position on the in-game leaderboards and these accumulated XP are used to win cash prizes, a similar thrill to triggering the jackpot but with better odds. This essentially means even Max Quest’s social elements are designed to provide players with monetary rewards. High- performing players will also automatically be entered into seasonal prize pools across an operator’s entire playerbase.

Together, these different mechanics ensure that top players feel valued, while players who don’t make it into the top flight will still experience a meaningful journey – within a single game as well as across entire seasons. Mark: We are planning to launch a Halloween game influenced by a classic, retro 16-bit-style video game. The new slot game may retain the look and feel of a classic 16-bit game but twinned together with great gambling mechanics. In this game the hero character runs into a haunted house and collects gold from chests which is akin to elements contained in classic video games. The game is in concept artwork stage and subject to change, but we are excited with the early video game style concept art.

CIO: What expectations do you think gamers have that gamblers 10/15 years ago didn’t? Erik: I think they like to play and share, and I think they also expect loyalty systems to be there. Secondly,

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