It is expected that only a fraction of

transactions, maybe as a low as 5%, will be subject to

authentication requirements under 3DS 2.0

process on mobile dovetails with operators’ other product developments to accelerate the desired market share growth of mobile betting.

WHY EXEMPTIONS WILL TAKE THE PAIN OUT OF COMPLIANCE Further enhancing the experience of 3DS 2.0 is the leveraging of rules that mean many payments bypass   subject to authentication requirements under 3DS 2.0. The percentage of transactions that will need to be  average for general eCommerce due to the nature of  that are considered either ‘out of scope’ or ‘exempt’   particular that should be paid close attention. The first is that low-value purchases up to €30 are largely exempt – only needing explicit player authorisation for one in every five transactions or once the total value of the transactions reaches €100. As a  flow smoothly and without friction for players. The value limit for a purchase that is exempt from SCA is higher for low fraud payment service providers.  card owner specifically informs the issuer that no authorisation is required for every transaction made with a particular online business. The issuer manages  is possible to see if the merchant such as a gaming operator is registered to allow the operator to pro-actively ask the customer to register them.


 and the card schemes have yet to release a lot of their

Even in these early stages, it is clear that 3DS 2.0 has a lot to offer operators

guidance to the payments industry to help implement the new requirements in industries such as online gaming.

  SCA exemptions will go a long way towards helping to  whilst improving transaction security which is a key  burden of managing the fraud risk needed to qualify  with the most expertise in this area. This will ensure that operators have more capacity to concentrate on the rest of their business.

And if operators continue to have concerns that the new card deposit verification standards will be unfavourably received by some of their account  a direct bank transfer solution as an alternative   make deposits and withdrawals from their bank  2.0 payment authentication is not applicable.

With biometrics replacing

passwords, all consumers will need to do is scan their fingerprint on their own smart device to make a payment

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