machine. If customers have an Edge machine that can be used, we can leverage that. We then store selected data from the software to a secure Cloud.

IS TRAINING PROVIDED? The product is designed to be easy to install, very easy to configure and very intuitive to use, it is not a complex product but it does require some training so customers can configure it to their purposes. We help with the initial set up remotely and we provide end-user training once an organisation identifies the people who will interact with the software. There is a comprehensive dashboard that is

alerts, who should receive the alerts and the frequency of those alerts.

WHAT SORT OF EQUIPMENT DOES A BUSINESS NEED? We designed this product with a view of minimising what a customer would need to have in their existing infrastructure. WorkSafe Analytics leverages existing CCTV cameras, whether fixed or mobile, and is compatible with a large range of these vision devices and the software runs on an on-premise Edge


really easy to understand. You can see how your compliance is trending over time. You can annotate it to show when a particular training programme was undertaken or when a new safety measure was introduced and see what effect that had on the compliance and violations in a particular space.

HOW DOES IT AVOID BEING OVERLY INTRUSIVE? We allow customers to mask off certain areas from the AI. We also only store information about violations and we give our customers the option on whether they store an image or just the details of the violation i.e. it was a face mask violation at this time and at this place. We can also allow customers to blur faces if images are stored.

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WHAT ABOUT SECURITY? The only data that is stored in the secure Cloud are violation incidents. If the customer has particular issues with that, we have an on-premise version that can be stored on a server on their site.

COMPLIANCE BEYOND COVID Applications for WorkSafe Analytics go far beyond COVID. At the moment it is mostly going to be used for facemask and social distancing monitoring but it can be used with all types of PPE. It can also be configured to record distances when you are in an industrial setting and need to maintain a distance from a flame or machine. WorkSafe Analytics is not just a monitor - it

allows you to measure compliance and measure the protocols you are putting into place. That cycle of monitoring, measuring and evaluating feeds into an organisation’s ability to define more effective policies that ultimately make workplaces safer, reassures employees and customers, and minimises the risk of disruption. With a product like WorkSafe Analytics, businesses don't have to trade off safety with returning to full productivity. It is designed to help them be more proactive about monitoring and measuring the COVID risk to their business rather than be reactive if an infection occurs.


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