Made in the UK, PAINTTOPPER says its multi- purpose design is different to any pouring aid on the market; this useful piece of kit has proved popular to anyone decorating. Easy and simple to fit, it clips onto a paint can for hassle free pouring. Newly launched in 2018, this three part set comes with a unique spout that promises drip free pouring, a removable flexible cup for holding brushes and a lid for much needed breaks. The tight fit keeps the rim of the can clean from paint, so no more dried flakes and sticking lids. PaintTopper saves time, money and paint. n 07713 187 602 n

SIROFLEX launches SX Anti-Crack Acrylic Caulk to its paint & coating sealant & fillers range that’s specifically developed for use by the professional and DIY user. The range consists of: SX Premium Painters Caulk-It, SX Instant Paintable Caulk, SX Rainproof Exterior Caulk, SX Instant Plaster Filler and now SX Anti-Crack Acrylic Caulk a unique acrylic sealant which prevents craze cracking with most paints. Paintable with water-based and synthetic paints. Reduces craze cracking and discolouration of the paint. Perfect adhesion without the use of primer on most, even slightly damp substrates. For interior and exterior use. Almost odourless. Easy to apply and clean. n 01226 771 600 n

THORNDOWN’s Peelable Glass Paint is a unique, revolutionary eco-paint that can be painted on glass or other hard shiny surfaces and simply peeled off cleanly when no longer required. Made from a 100% recycled plastic resin, the coating is very durable and water-repellent but has an elasticity that enables it to be peeled off. Originally designed as a greenhouse shading product, it can also be used for

conservatory shading, numerous commercial uses, arts & crafts, and an all- round decorative paint. The range has 38 standard colours; 24 opaque solid shades and 14 transparent stained-glass colours using exterior grade colour pigments that are UV resistant and VOC free. This glass paint can be applied by brush, roller or sprayer and can be used internally and externally. it is very durable, can be easily cleaned and lasts for years, but when you want to remove it - it simply peels off in one sheet. n 0800 023 5654 n

PLASTIKOTE’s new range of aerosols has been developed specifically for the trade market. These high quality sprays come in colour-coded cans with clear usage and instruction labels - simply pick it, buy it and get on with the job. If you’re looking to trace a gas pipe leak, remove old layers of paint or eliminate oil, silicones, dirt, etc, head for the green labelled cans to get the right product for the job. Everyday quick-drying paint colours, primers and clear lacquers are in the orange cans, trim paint in red cans and blue-labelled cans denote functional sprays such as Radiator and Stain Block. n 0031 561 69 44 00 n customerservice@nl.motipdupli.

14 DIY WEEK 08 MARCH 2019

BARTOLINE says it is a family business trading since 1876 and is the UK’s largest manufacturer of decorating sundries. Products include paint solvents, fillers, adhesives, wood treatments, Paraffin, etc. The complete range has recently undergone a redesign transformation and the new look is fresh, modern, highly appealing, and comes complete with a new website and brochure. Bartoline is home of the innovative Clean Spirit, a solvent free alternative to traditional solvents such as White Spirit, and Easipaste, a market leading ready mixed wallcovering adhesive suitable for most types of wallpapers, including paste the wall. Private label is also a speciality, says Bartoline. n 01482 678710 n

The Multi-Task Wipes from ZEP have a new and improved formulation, which now works even better to remove wet and semi cured PU foam effortlessly. The wipes have been dermatologically tested and cosmetically registered which means that they are safe for use on hands and skin. Also now contains aloe vera and vitamin E to keep hands soft and moisturised. The heavy duty wipe material is impregnated with a high tech cleaning solution that contains antibacterial properties, ideal for the quick and easy clean-up of wet paint spills and splashes from hands, tools and most surfaces. Highly effective on both solvent and water based paints. n 0151 422 1000 n

PinkGrip from EVERBUILD – A SIKA COMPANY is specifically formulated for the professional user; PinkGrip will stick just about anything on a building site both internally and externally. From concrete blocks and plaster coving to skirting boards and glass, if it needs sticking then you can trust PinkGrip to do the job, says Everbuild. The grabbing strength of PinkGrip not only removes the need to pin under the work piece but its ‘Direct Bond’ eliminates the need for using the double-stick method, saving valuable time on a building site. Available in 350ml cartridges, the distinctive pink coloured adhesive is instantly recognisable and users can be assured that they are using a quality product that will become a toolbox staple as with PinkGrip, what goes up, won’t come down. n 0113 240 2424 n

The popular Abrasives brand of preparation and sanding products enables your customers to prep like a pro, says CENTURION. Available exclusively from Centurion, the Andersons range includes everything customers need for quality preparation and helps ensure a professional finish. Sandpaper, bulk sanding rolls, sanding discs and steel wool are just some of the products available. A space saving merchandising unit is available, offering customers an eye-catching one-stop solution for all their preparation needs. To get free expert sales advice that will help boost your sales this year, Centurion says to get in contact today. n 01302 788700 n

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