and is currently being influenced by a growing desire for a more environmentally-friendly way of life and With headlines like Crown Paints being the first paint manufacturer in the UK to offer 100% recycled plastic containers, it seems decorating brands recognise that – like with the wellbeing trend in gardening – consumers are hungry for them to step up to the mark and deliver a greener message.

T 22 DIY WEEK 10 AUGUST 2018

he decorating sector is not one to stand still but, instead, allows itself to be guided by consumer interest,

So, what further changes will we see in the sector if this inclination continues to gather pace.

New Glastonbury-based paint company Thorndown, has developed and created two new unique paint ranges for the home and garden, with a particular focus on providing eco-friendly solutions. Thorndown Paints managing

director Ben Thornborough says: “Over the 25 years I’ve been in the industry I’ve seen a continued rise in eco-friendly decorating. Some has been legislatively led, some media led but, overall, eco-friendly is much more a mainstream term. “Consumers are now far more

with maintaining a high-level of performance,

balancing for


peelable glass paint is based on a resin made from recycled plastic,” says Ben.

In terms of carbon footprint, Ben the


Mainstream media has picked up on many environmentally-focused movements, and now consumers are looking for eco-friendly alternatives in all aspects of daily life, including decorating their homes. Kiran Grewal reports on the current offer.

aware of the environmental impact of their every action. Water-based technology has improved greatly and consumers are looking for products that are nicer to use and be around. “We use VOC-free ingredients in our paints as much as possible and, where it doesn’t affect performance, we will always choose the more environmentally-friendly option whilst

says Thorndown manufactures in the UK and “always considers the environmental, social and ethical impact of our products and the raw materials.” When looking into the reasons

decision our

as to why consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, Ben believes our digital age has had a huge impact in the way people communicate ideas and lifestyles. “The media and social media are great influencers on environmental and health campaigns and the working and living environment is very much in focus. We hear that asthma and other health issues are on the rise and these are aggravated,

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