A selection of new products to hit the shelves of DIY Week A useful companion for DIY projects


GOPRO’S magnetic multipurpose waterproof light, Zeus Mini, brings the brand’s versatility to lights. Now available on for £64.99, the rechargeable Zeus Mini features a robust magnetic swivelling clip and is compatible with GoPro’s full line of camera mounts—making it convenient for a wide range of uses.

Zeus Mini combines the illumination power of GoPro’s Light Mod with the versatility of its Magnetic Swivel Clip to deliver a convenient and capable, compact, hands-free LED lighting solution. Whether you need to light up the trail, under the hood or under the sink, Zeus Mini makes it easy thanks to its integrated magnetic swivelling clip mount. Clip it to your belt or backpack strap, snap it under the hood or drainpipe, or use it as a freestanding light just like you would a mini tripod. And, unlike a dedicated headlamp, you can illuminate a scene without blinding everyone you’re with. But if headlamps are your thing, Zeus Mini clips easily to any hat, beanie or headband. Zeus Mini is waterproof to 33ft (10m), rechargeable and features four levels of brightness reaching up to 200 lumens with an included diffuser

that delivers a cool 5000K colour temperature tuned for GoPro cameras when using Zeus Mini for filming. The built-in battery lasts for up to six hours. Plus, if you’re in a bind, there’s a strobe mode to enable emergency signalling and visibility. n Learn more about Zeus Mini at

Scrappage scheme highlights opportunities for retailers

Aquatic retailers are being invited to sign up for a pond pump recycling scheme to help encourage a more eco- friendly and energy saving approach to pond keeping (June 2020).

Blagdon has launched its new AMPHIBIOUS IQ scrappage scheme offering consumers £25 off an energy- efficient pond pump when they trade in their old one for recycling.

The other benefits of the Amphibious IQ include its:

• Motor Protection System – if the pump detects the motor is clogged or jammed the motor protection system will pause and display, motor jammed, clean impeller, clean rotor. When the clogging has been removed the pump can safely restart. • Run Dry Protection System – if the pump detects it has run out of water, it will pause and display, water low, add water. When water has been added, the pump will safely restart. • Flexible Power Usage Control & Display – with the touch

of a button the user can stop, start, increase or decrease power and flow, thereby allowing for optimum performance and maximum energy saving. Reducing the power during the winter or other times when not in high use, can lower power consumption, save money and reduce wear to the pump workings. A clear, visible digital display will show the current power consumption, but also will alert the user to specific problems that might occur such as low water, preventing run-dry damage and inform the user what to do to fix the issue. • Soft Start – when the pump is turned on, the flow will slowly increase to its pre-set position. This helps to reduce the wear on the pump while decreasing stress to the pipework and filters fitted to the system.

The Amphibious IQ comes in four sizes, depending on pond size:

• Amphibious IQ 2250-4500 – SSP £174.99 • Amphibious IQ 4500-9000 – SSP £224.99 • Amphibious IQ 3000-6000 – SSP £189.99 • Amphibious IQ 6000-12000 – SSP £249.99 n For more information, please visit

24 DIY WEEK JUNE 2020 Examining ‘posh’ sheds and greenhouses

A unique half shed/half greenhouse whose design was sketched out by a customer and is now the focus of her new Scottish garden, is the latest in a long line of Posh buildings she has bought. Susan Neilson is one of THE POSH SHED COMPANY’s best-ever customers and she wanted a “stunningly attractive” combination building for the garden of her new home in Fife. Since purchasing a playhouse from *The Playhouse Company for her grandchildren to use in her garden in Wokingham, Berkshire in 2005, she has become one of the company’s most consistent buyers. In 2019 she and her husband moved from the South to Fife and one of the first things she did was work with them to create her unique double-use building which, with a gazebo, were delivered and erected earlier this year. “I wanted the combination building for practical reasons but it had to look lovely as well. I added the Gothic windows to the greenhouse which can be seen by people passing our garden. So many tell me how much they like it. I appreciate the detail, quality and finish of the buildings,” she said, “and the really excellent thing about working with The Posh Shed Company is that the designs are very flexible and I can make whatever changes I want.” After the playhouse inBerkshire, Susan and her husband added a Posh Dutch Barn as a changing room for their swimming pool, a log store and a black painted lean-to shed.

“Owning one of our sheds is an ambition for many

gardeners but Susan is on her third,” says Richard Frost who co-founded The Posh Shed Company with his wife, Kay. “She has very specific ideas as to what she wants, all of which we build into the designs and then we get her approval before we manufacture.” n Visit for more information

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