They also operate a thriving apprenticeship scheme, a school engagement

programme, sponsorship of local sports clubs, and many charitable activities in the community which go unreported. What More UK has reported high demand for all of its products which includes housewares of all varieties, bakeware, and gardenware – a great deal of which are made from recycled single use plastics. The company also commenced the production of Medical Face Visor individual parts in support of the Emergency Services who are in great demand for such crucial safety protection ware. This venture was born in collaboration with one of our specialist tool

makers: Canteen Smithy Engineering Limited, a UK Manufacturer also, who within a record timeframe of four days designed, engineered and produced the tool mould ready for final production. The strength and expertise of UK Manufacturing at its finest and a

response turnaround time that when the whole world is on lock down highlights the benefits of our own countries production capabilities. We are working with a current capacity of 8,500 visitors per day and working to exceed 60,000 per week. We have put all our resources and expertise within manufacturing to ensure the highest quality and product performance to guarantee safety first and foremost.

Online shopping is booming says BHETA

Richardson, predicts a brighter future for the housewares industry According to The British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA)’s latest weekly Covid- 19 financial update for members, the forecast for growth in DIY and garden expenditure for 2020 overall has again fallen back despite the impact of gradual store re-openings. Longer term the reawakening in consumer interest in home improvement and garden gives grounds for hope in a brighter future for the sector however, but how and where purchases take place may well have shifted form the pre-Covid norm. The predicted figure for


percentage growth at the end of May is now minus 14.1 per cent - from £11.4bn to £9.8bn compared to 2019. This is a slight deepening of the forecast downturn, although the sector remains protected from the worst of the negative impact compared to other areas of retail.

16 DIY WEEK JUNE 2020 he British Home

Enhancement Trade Association’s

marketing manager, Steve

The latest figures also show the percentage increase in online sales in DIY and garden rising again following a slight drop as bricks and mortar stores started to reopen. The figures begin to suggest that some consumers’ preferences for where and how they shop may have changed permanently. During the lockdown so far, 59.8 per cent of consumers have been inspired to refresh their homes, largely due to the extra time available. The top four rooms consumers have redecorated have been the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom, but the biggest area of consumer purchase has been in garden products. A third of consumers say they are looking forward to doing even more home and garden shopping after lockdown. Online shopping is again rising among both DIY and garden shoppers – 15.1 per cent more online spend on gardening; 13.3 per cent more online spend on DIY. DIY retailers experienced inflated demand online, with B&Q and Wickes implementing virtual

“We have certainly seen a rediscovery of DIY and gardening which goes beyond the core consumer profile; and we have seen a shift towards online.”

queuing systems at first to cope with this. We did see a slight bounce in the figures as B&Q and Homebase reopened, but I think we are now seeing the beginnings of the ‘new normal’.

As with every non-food sector

of retail, the pandemic has affected DIY and garden adversely overall, but longer term there are positives and it is vital that the industry responds to

members have seen sales remain very strong over the last couple of months, and much has depended on the individual supplier’s ability to respond in terms of manufacture, logistics and routes to market. We have certainly seen a

rediscovery of DIY and gardening which goes beyond the core consumer profile; and we have seen a shift towards online. Thanks to GlobalData’s

support them. Anecdotally, some of BHETA’s DIY and garden

in supplying the information, we believe these trends will outlast lockdown restrictions. At BHETA’s webinar with the CBI, the point was made that even with bricks and mortar outlets reopening, not all consumers will immediately feel confident in traditional outlets – and that this will undoubtedly continue a positive trend for online – and for those smaller independents able to embrace social distancing successfully. It’s for this reason that BHETA is focusing heavily on online selling – whether directly or via existing retail and marketplace platforms – in its current series of webinars.

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