queue lines, for example, could be an important means of capitalising on extended dwell-time and prompting recall before shoppers enter the store, to drive sales conversion.

Do not touch?

When the concept of self-service was first launched, some saw it as ‘anti- social’. Perhaps we are coming full circle. Aside from social distancing, other Covid-19 related measures in-store are likely to see growing numbers of retailers including pleas to customers not to touch items unless them.

this means that product interaction in-store could be anything but “Do-It-Yourself”. Standard practice when creating retail display has been centred around an “open sell” philosophy – taking products out- of-the-box and into the hands of customers to drive engagement and conversion. But post-pandemic, could this be set to change with a shift to pre-1950s style ‘closed sell’ techniques that shun self-service in favour of housing products behind protective display cabinets?

Everything under one roof Both retailers and customers will be keen to make visits to store as focused and efficient as possible. In the same way that grocery stores provide ‘meal’ solutions, providing solutions-based information within retail displays could provide a more effective approach. Clearly communicating the materials and tools needed for specific projects or re-arranging category displays to group products commonly needed for a task, could provide new opportunities for retailers. Not only will such as strategy make the in-store journey easier, but it could also be a key strategy to help customers view impulse purchases as being purpose-driven – increasing the average transaction value among increasingly time and cost-conscious customer.

New opportunities As shoppers, we are typically in a state of

repeated subconscious,

rather than conscious behaviour – almost working on autopilot to complete our journey in-store. In many respects, that no longer applies. Shoppers entering stores will be in a much more heightened conscious state. And that has advantages for retailers and brands – one of the main roles of retail display is to bring shoppers into a conscious state, so that they are open to new products, promotional messages and offers – in the hope of engaging them and driving sales

conversion outside of their normal purchase behaviour.

Materials Use

they intend to purchase In terms of

retail display,

Acrylic has become this year’s must- have material: protective screens are everywhere, and with good reason. Already a common material choice for permanent displays, its high quality, durability and sleek look and feel make it perfectly suited for retail displays designed to promote everything from power tools to smart technology and home security. This particular material choice also has the advantage of being easy to clean – a key consideration right now. There will be a lot more cleaning going on, and that will apply to products and supporting retail displays alike, as well as the wider store environment. Innovative self-clean surface technology already exists, and its application for high traffic touchpoints such as retail displays is being fast-tracked. With Sustainability in mind the fact that it can be recycled is an added advantage.

Know your stores

Having a detailed understanding of the stores that your displays will call home for the duration of the promotional campaign is more important than ever – nuances such as aisle width, customer flow and bay dimensions. It’s a fact: If displays are designed with the environment in mind, they are more likely to be fit for purpose, and perform better. While branded POS may be delivered on a much smaller scale within independent DIY stores than their big box counterparts, the level of consideration required to ensure displays are fit-for-purpose here too is no less important.

Understanding retailers Now, more than ever, it will be important for brands to develop strong dialogue with their key retail accounts. It’s already evident that the way policy guidelines are interpreted and

implemented varies


How sustainable is the green industry and how can the global mega trend sustainability be lucratively put into practice for all sides? Answers to these questions will be provided this year at the largest garden trade fair in the world. Resource-saving products and the eco-friendly solutions of global players and innovative start-ups will highlight the entire spectrum of the theme.

But also beyond this, the entire world of the garden in its manifold facets will be presented at spoga+gafa. Alongside plants and all that belongs to them, the focus will primarily be on garden lifestyle: There is something to suit all tastes among the most comprehensive offer of outdoor furniture and decoration together with the biggest trade fair for grills and BBQs worldwide.

Co-shape the future of the green industry and secure your admission ticket now!

In these current times, it is becoming clear to most peo- ple how important having one’s own patch of green is – the garden has become an indispensable place of retreat.  future too and strengthen the industry again. That is why          largest platform of the green industry, takes place from 6 to 8 September 2020.


retailer to retailer. Understanding these key differences, and ensuring planned in-store displays reflect these, will be vital. As ever, any retail display proposal that you develop, as a brand, should be produced with retailer collaboration in mind and support the aims of individual retailers. There are more pressures and demands on store teams than ever before. To improve the

likelihood of displays being

accepted, it will be important for brands to focus attention not only on the visual but also on operational considerations, ensuring that displays are engineered to meet the new demands of in-store life.



Always under focus: the safety of all of the exhibitors and visitors, for whom we will be implementing extensive measures. We look forward to welcoming you and to ex- periencing an inspiring trade fair!

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