Dunlop to launch “Britain’s Most Wanted” Adhesives

This summer Dunlop are launching a new range of powdered tile adhesives. Dunlop has refined and refocused its range around the types of adhesives most favoured by tradespeople. Some of the best sellers have also benefited from formulation improvements and Dunlop are also launching two new “S1” tile adhesives – meaning they can be used on substrates where limited movement or vibration occurs. The packaging and product names are also changing for the range.

Products have been renamed using alpha-numeric coding, whilst retaining the longer product name descriptions and colour tones to ensure the products can be easily identified during the transition.

4 Natural Cork ‘self-stick’ Pinboard Wall Tiles The alternative to traditional memo boards

Easy to apply with peel-off backing, these ‘self-stick’ tiles are supplied in packs of four, each tile measuring 30x30cm and 8mm in thickness and can be arranged on the wall in any design to suit your space. These environmentally friendly wall tiles are selected and made from the finest jumbosized cork granules with a rich, golden texture that will add warmth and elegance to any room. A sustainable product that is both renewable and recyclable.

Palace Chemicals Introduces Hand and Surface Sanitisers

A building products manufacturer rose to the challenge presented by Covid-19 by being able to produce hand sanitiser and hard surface spray in the industrial quantities needed in the fight against Coronavirus. The quality, environmental and safety management systems in place at Palace Chemicals ensured that the Liverpool-based firm could respond to the crisis in a methodical, documented and controlled approach”, according to Palace’s technical director, Jim Percival. As the largest UK independent manufacturer of tile adhesives, grout, building chemicals, wood treatments and decorating sundries, understanding risks and opportunities is the cornerstone of Palace Chemicals’ business.

And, being able to diversify meant that the firm found itself under increasingly high demand from key sectors throughout the lockdown, most notably for surgical spirit – an ethanol-based product supplied by Palace in millions of units for over 25 years to some of the UK’s leading high street pharmacies. Already-established practices meant the company had the standard & scale of facilities needed to store, process and pack all products based on this category of solvent, which could now be extended to include alcohol-based sanitisers, in the form of hand gels and hard surface spray. Jim said: “Both products are part of the key defence mechanisms advised by the Government to maintain good hand & surface hygiene, enabling the population to meet the necessary increased degree of cleanliness controls that are now a part of everyday life.

“Adhering strictly to guidance from the World Health

Organisation, a formulation was developed and tested by both our research and development department and an accredited microbiological testing laboratory to ensure the products we now offer have the appropriate degree of efficacy and skin compatibility, both essential requirements for this now daily hygienic practice to be conducted safely and with confidence by all end users.” He added that while there had been many examples of independent beverage producers and similar small- scale operators stepping up to meet this need, very few had an existing high-volume automated mixing and packing lines readily available for supplying alcohol- based sanitisers in the industrial quantities being called for.

“This facility enabled Palace Chemicals to quickly supply the large distribution companies often in full vehicle loads that the existing national networks needed to meet this demand and get this product to the market in with the volume and speed of delivery needed,” added Jim.

Charles Clapham (MBE), who is managing director of the firm, based in Speke, said the company had been overwhelmed by demand for the products. He added: “We are delighted to be able to say that we

are helping the efforts to protect against COVID-19 by producing hand sanitiser and surface spray. In recent weeks we have all seen reports of shortages, and we need to all do our bit to ensure that such products are in good supply.

“As sanitising and hygiene control are now becoming a

more prominent necessity for all our lifestyles in the defence against Covid-19, the manufacturing operation at Palace Chemicals will continue to play a significant role in meeting the needs of all major outlets for alcohol-based hand gels and spray-applied hard surface sanitisers. “There is no doubt that sanitiser is a ‘must-have’ and is here for the long term.”

Palace Chemicals is selling hand sanitiser in multi-

case orders of 500ml bottles and 5-litre bottles, and surface sanitiser spray is available in 500ml bottles in packs of 12.

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