With remote- controlled security operating systems becoming ever more popular, the latest tech development in home security is the ERA DoorCam Smart Home WiFi Video Doorbell. Using a Smartphone app, DoorCam allows householders to view callers and talk to them in real time, whether they’re home or not, offering not only convenience, but thanks to a motion detector which alerts householders when someone has arrived, added security and

peace of mind. With ease of operation in mind, once DoorCam is wired in, the householder can simply plug in the WiFi chime which comes as standard, connecting up to four more chimes in the home. n 01922 490000 n

DK TOOLS LIMITED continue to bolster their Amtech security range with new additions that further strengthen their already comprehensive offering. Everything from combination locks to padlocks and security cables are available with a 3-year guarantee, including a secure post box. Also available are various LED lighting options that include motion sensors and power banks. As a value-add, DK Tools also offer a planogramming and merchandising service which ensures you get the most from the range in terms capturing a broad or targeted audience. Contact your regional sales manager for more information or register online to become a stockist. n n 01895 435556 n

Garden shed and outdoor building contents remain easy pickings for criminals according to research conducted by police forces throughout the country, with a lack of security proving irresistible for burglars. With winter on its way, sheds tend to be crammed full of garden furniture, equipment and other valuable possessions, so it makes sense to lock them away, safe and secure. KASP, the leading brand in security from Carl Kammerling, says it has the perfect answer, with its 145 Marine Padlock range - a superb high quality padlock - specifically designed for outdoor use, even in extreme weather conditions, including withstanding corrosive salty air conditions in coastal areas. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards and backed by the Kasp quality guarantee, the 145 Marine padlocks are available in two security levels (medium and high); 40mm and 50mm, standard and long shackle, both keyed to differ and keyed alike combinations.

Security is paramount and, with a double bolted shackle to resist torsion/pull attack and a five pin anti- pick cylinder, the 145 Marine padlocks are also designed to withstand manipulation, ideal for keeping the expensive contents of all garden sheds and huts safe and secure. To help promote the Kasp 145 Marine Padlock Range in-store, there’s also a compact eye-catching counter display available, designed to encourage impulse purchases at point of sale. n 01758 704704 n

BURG-WÄCHTER, Europe’s largest safe manufacturer, believes that safes are one of the most effective ways of protecting valuables, whether it’s cash, important documents or sentimental items. Burg-Wächter’s new range of Magno safes feature an emergency locking system and additional door armour. Combined with large 25mm locking bolts and a strong top bolt, these contribute towards the Magno safe’s independently certified Eurograde 0/N rating (ECB.S EN1143-1). This means Magno safes offer an insurance industry approved rating for up to £6,000 cash or £60,000 valuables. Magno safes offer a choice of locking systems, including electronic combination and key operated lock. Available in two convenient sizes Magno safes easily accommodate A4 documents, whilst an internal shelf enables better space utilisation. n 01274 395333 n

CENTURION says all ladders should be checked daily and prior to use for any damage, faults or wear and tear. Back in 2017 a company was fined £900,000 after a worker was seriously injured after falling from a step ladder that was not the firm’s property and had not carried out any inspections of access equipment at its depot for over a year, which saw a worker fall from the 2m ladder, hit his head and develop swelling to the brain. The easiest way to manage that ladders and scaffolding have been checked is to use a tagging system, offered by Spectrum Industrial (a trading Division of Centurion Europe Ltd).

Spectrum Industrial (a trading Division of Centurion Europe) have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing high quality safety signage. Whether you are looking for Fire Exit signs, No Smoking Signs or need large site safety notice boards, Spectrum Industrial are your trusted partner for safety signs, says the company. n

DK TOOLS LIMITED says it continues to expand its Amtech workwear range to maintain safety standards across a variety of indoor and outdoor tasks. The range includes everything from single usage disposables to construction grade gloves that always offers essential protection - due to certified quality that is CE compliant. A

number of sizes are available across this light and heavy-duty range, including supporting POS that helps shoppers determine their ideal fit. Three year guarantee as standard. The company says to contact your regional sales manager for more information or register online to become a stockist. n 01895 435556 n


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