odern technology has evolved in such a way that the average person is almost constantly connected via their

smart devices, day and night. The Economist called data “the most valuable resource in the world” and the smart technology industry has quickly developed its security sector to incorporate this new wave of digital safekeeping. With innovation at its heart, the potential for growth is huge, and customers are quickly jumping on the bandwagon to join the technological revolution. Tania Tamms, head of marketing at ERA sees a positive future for



personalised security that is accessible to all: “The market is doing very well and certainly people are taking security seriously, paying more attention to security in their homes. In the past, security was seen as something that required a specialist to fit, however, with the advent of smart home security, more and more people are feeling more confident to install systems themselves,” she says. With the amount of products available in the market, price point can vary largely however and Tania says higher quality systems can sometimes be overlooked and “as with everything, you get what you pay for.”

make easily digestible and take the fear out of utilising these products at home. Tania says customers are already idea:

sold on the “People are

Data and technology is the buzz word on everyone’s lips in the business world, but are consumers ready for the uprising in smart security? Kiran Grewal finds out more.

Tania stresses that Innovation is

incredibly important at ERA, and says the business has increased its investment in R&D from 3% of turnover in 2012 to 12% in 2018 and rising. “ERA strives to be at the forefront in the development of new products and is always working hard to stay one step ahead of the criminal element,” she says.

Straight to the point

Even though technology has developed quickly over a very short space of time, the idea of the internet once used to seem incomprehensible to the average consumer, and now smart home technology is another minefield that businesses need to

now very comfortable using their smartphones for a whole host of tasks – from Sat Nav to banking. Security is the next natural step, which is fine for most people. However, for those that are slightly reluctant, there is always the option that a professional installer can fit an alarm system. In order to explain more complex technology,

forms of the jargon

needs to be eradicated. “Regarding information on smartware, we have found that often, complex technical terms are not required and can lead to confusion,” Tania explains. “We ensure that our information is as straight-forward and accessible as possible.” Yale managing director, Nigel Fisher says in terms of making the information digestible, it’s “key to lead with a benefits-first approach. Diving into technical specifications and compatibility capabilities will turn customers off.” Instead, the company focuses on trying to paint pictures of real-world scenarios to show how smart security can make things easier and more efficient. Nigel

says the market is developing to such a degree there

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