Made in the UK, PAINTTOPPER says its multi-purpose design is different to any pouring aid on the market, and that this useful piece of kit has proved popular to anyone decorating. Easy and simple to fit, it clips onto a paint can for hassle free pouring. Newly launched in 2018, this three part set comes with a unique spout that promises drip free pouring, a removable flexible cup for holding brushes and a lid for much needed breaks. The tight fit keeps the rim of the can clean from paint, so no more dried flakes and sticking lids. n n

Perfect for installing porcelain, ceramic or natural stone tiles in external areas such as patios and terraces, DUNLOP Large Format and Natural Stone Adhesive is semi-pourable and rapid-setting in only three hours for fast-track project completion. Water and frost resistant it can be applied up to 25mm thickness – making it ideal for fixing tiles/slabs of uneven thickness and uneven surfaces, says Dunlop. Finish your project with Dunlop GX-500 Flexible Wall and Floor Grout in eight difference colours – abrasion resistant, water and frost resistant, Dunlop says it is perfect for external tiled areas. n 01782 591160 n

Market research revealed that about one third of the population has mouldy bathroom sealants but fears of a complex and time- consuming job has discouraged DIYers from undertaking sealant projects. UniBond RE-NEW from HENKEL is a simple and easy solution for everyone. No need to remove the old sealant, just apply on top! • It’s easy to apply in just 5 minutes.

• Apply on top of existing sealant. • No additional tools required: an auto smoothing tool is built into the design.

• Covers and stops existing mould and prevents future growth thanks to Triple Protect Anti mould protection

• Covers cracks in the sealant thanks to perfect adhesion to all silicones

The easiest way to keep your sealants in perfect condition, says the company. UniBond Re-New, your sealants like new! n 01442 278 115 n

Black, unsightly mould is the scourge of the bathroom, says HENKEL. Dirt, skin, soap residue coupled with humidity conspire to support mould growth in the grout between the tiles and on the sealant around the bath, sink, or shower. The Unibond Grout Reviver Pen can be used to revive the grout lines and make it look like new. This product is a simple pen that can apply a coating over top of the grout to revive its appearance. The coating is also anti-mould to stop mould growth re-occurring. Again, the big tip here is to remove the existing loose mould with bleach. n 01442 278 115 n

Bathroom mould is the bane of many bathrooms. Mould growth on bathroom sealant looks unsightly and is very difficult to remove. When installing a new bathroom, or shower, or basin its best to use a quality sealant that has antimould properties just like UniBond Antimould Shower Bath & Kitchen Sealant, says HENKEL. The bathroom can become the most expensive room in the home when you add up the cost of the sanitaryware, tapware, and tiles so it’s wise to invest in the very best sealant available. This why, for many years, Henkel says UniBond Antimould Shower Bath & Kitchen Silicone sealant has been the No 1 choice. n 01442 278 115 n

DETHLAC Insecticidal Lacquer has been on the market since 1959. Once sprayed, Dethlac dries to a hard clear film and is highly effective for months against ants, woodlice, cockroaches and other crawling insects. Dethlac can be used indoors and outdoors in both domestic and commercial premises. The product can be used by both amateurs and professionals. Dethlac has UK approval, HSE 9708 and EIRE approval PCS 98560. Each pack contains 12 aerosols x 250ml. n 020 8944 0505 n

Security specialist SQUIRE has launched a new padlock, with the seriously heavy duty SS100, the only padlock ever to achieve The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) SR4 standard. Designed as the world’s strongest production padlock, Squire’s SS100 padlock is designed for commercial premises where extra high security is a priority for facilities managers and specifiers – for example, perimeter gates, warehouses, outbuildings, shipping containers, heavy machinery and commercial vehicles. Made in Britain, this outstanding dual cylinder padlock with open and closed shackle versions is 100mm wide. Squire says its range of top security products are tested to global security and fire safety standards to ensure the finest tolerances, reliability and outstanding performance. n 01902 308050 n

ProtecWork is a new collection of protective working clothes and accessories from SNICKERS WORKWEAR. The risk-protection properties of the clothing are integral components of the extensive range of Base-, Mid- and Top-Layer garments for men and women that combine well with the Snickers Workwear hallmarks of best-in-class durability, comfort, ergonomics and fit, the company says. So with over 60 different garments and accessories to choose from, Snickers ensures you can make sure you get the right protection, visibility, flexibility, comfort and durability. n 01484 854788 n


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