From cleaning the grill to cleaning bikes, HANDY DISTRIBUTION says the Greenworks’ 70 bar portable battery powered pressure washer is designed for versatile, functional and practical usage in a convenient way. It is lightweight and has a built-in motor unit and water tank for a space saving solution. The GDC40 has a high flow rate of 300 l/h along with several included accessories. Thanks to this versatile design you may get the job done easier together with family and friends, says the company. n 01793 333220 n n Hall 6 M40-P41

Equipped with 50cm-long double- sided blades and utilising 20V lithium-ion battery-power, HANDY DISTRIBUTION says the Webb WEV20HT is a fast, fuss-free way to keep your hedges and shrubs in trim! The blades’ double-sided design allows for a comfortable and efficient side-to-side sweeping motion; while their 16mm tooth- pitch means small to medium diameter growth can be trimmed without causing bruising and subsequent discolouration and infection. The Webb WEV20HT 20v

Cordless Hedgetrimmer features two-handed safety-switching that eliminates the possibility of a potentially hazardous accidental start-ups. This model weighs-in at a minimal 2.5kg so will prove comfortable and easy to use for gardeners of any age or build.

n 01793 333220 n n Hall 6 M40-P41

Specialist water-based paint manufacturer THORNDOWN says its Wood Paint is a high- performing eco paint for the home and garden. Manufactured using the latest in technology, the wood paint is very durable, versatile, and uses architectural exterior- grade colour pigments that perform to the highest levels, the company says. Available in 150ml, 750ml and 2.5l tins at competitive prices for trade and retail.

Partnering its Wood Paint is a unique Peelable Glass Paint made using a 100% recycled plastic resin. Originally designed for greenhouse shading this paint can be rollered on and simply peeled off in entire sheets and sections when you want to remove it. The coating is durable, water- repellent, and with exterior-grade colour pigments, can last for years if you want it to – just don’t peel it off! Peelable Glass Paint is available in 150ml and 750ml tins with a 450ml pack size specifically for greenhouse shading. Perfect for greenhouse shading, but also great inside the home for conservatory shading, crafts, privacy and security screening on over-looked windows.

Using the latest VOC free technologies available the same paints can be used inside the home as easily as they can outside creating continuity of interior and exterior design, says Thorndown. n 0800 023 5654


Maintain the sides and tops of tall, hard- to-reach hedges without having to balance precariously atop a pair of ladders when you get your hands on this extendable long-reach pole-hedgetrimmer from Webb says HANDY DISTRIBUTION. The WEV20PHT 20v Cordless Pole-Hedgetrimmer has been equipped with a 50cm double-sided blade-set that delivers excellent productivity; and which means you can efficiently sweep side-to-side whilst cutting. It weighs-in at a mere 3.4kg so will prove comfortable and easy to use for gardeners of any age or build and with the multi-position adjustable cutter-head you will be able to set it at an angle that provides the most ergonomic angle for any situation, says the company. n 01793 333220

22 DIY WEEK 23 AUGUST 2019 n Hall 6 T89

Making the most of extra space afforded by a larger stand at Glee this year, Wrexham-based TREADSTONE products will use the show to demonstrate continued innovation with a host of new product launches. Treadstone will showcase new additions across all three of the company’s brands: ClipGlove, Peter Rabbit and ‘The Good Life’. ClipGlove will see two new

n n Hall 6 M40-P41

promotional glove concepts added to the range, alongside a space- efficient backwall merchandising unit. The Teadstone garden sundries range called ‘The Good Life’ will include the introduction of a completely new product category for the company as well as a number of other new product additions. n 01978 664 667 n n Hall 8 A49

Enjoy 20v of premium lithium-ion battery- power and put the finishing touches to your garden the fast, low-effort way with this lightweight and easy-handling cordless line-trimmer & edger from Webb says HANDY DISTRIBUTION. At just 2.2kg, the Webb WEV20LT 20v Line- Trimmer is a light-weight machines so will prove comfortable and easy to use for gardeners of any age or build. It benefits from an auto-feed cutter-head that means you’ll never have to worry when new line is required; and it’s equipped with a flower-guard that facilitates worry-free trimming around plants and veg-crops. n 01793 333220 n n Hall 6 M40-P41

This lightweight, handheld shrub shear would be a helpful addition to your garden equipment says HANDY DISTRIBUTION. Supplied with two interchangeable cutting heads, one for grass and one for shaping hedges and with the integrated lithium-ion battery you have a flexible and low maintenance tool. With the ergonomic handle & weighing just 0.5kg, with the heaviest cutting head attached, it’s a perfect tool to shape the smaller hedge or grass edge in your garden. n 01793 333220 n n Hall 6 M40-P41

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