material forms the basis for displays in the shape of trees, animals, plant containers, bowls, small hanging shelves, candle holders, lanterns, baubles, tree decorations and planters. They can be polished, painted, varnished and sprayed, or they can be carved and combined with moss, twigs and leaves. In the autumn and winter, wooden mushrooms with velvet tops decorate tables, and wooden candleholders combined with silver give winter decorations their festive note. Paper stars and trees in all colours imaginable adorn the wintery window and become hanging decorations on twigs and tags on gifts. Choice flowers grace both straight and opulent glass vases, as well as varnished, etched and untreated ceramic pots. Dried and fresh blooms enhance hanging decorations and wreaths;


and paper are decorative additions. Aside from artificial Christmas

trees, many exhibitors also offered modern trees made of wood this year. Nature defines both the materials and the shapes: hanging decorations in the shape of leaves made of pearls or paper, and in the shape of glass and metal blossoms, make up the


The LED Works’ revolutionary Twinkly range will be sold exclusively in the UK by FESTIVE LIGHTS LTD. With products including fairy lights and curtain lights, and with icicle and festoon lights being launched this year, Twinkly lights are fast becoming the must-have product for 2019. Offering ultimate customisation, these lights give you full control; use your smartphone to select the colour and pattern sequence, or use one of the many pre-sets, to tailor your bespoke lighting display. The impressive spec list also includes a light and music sensor, compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, plus much more. n 01257 792111 n

Command Products from WILSONS have been very successful during seasonal celebrations and events, thanks to their easy application and removal, the company says. Command hooks and strips use 3M adhesive to hold strongly, yet they remove cleanly, so are ideal for temporary decorating, especially during the festive season. They’re perfect for hanging fairy lights, wreaths, garlands and Christmas stockings, without the need for tools or fear of damaging the surface. n 01206 861122 n


Enjoy the chasing lights of these colourful illuminated meteor shower baubles from SMART GARDEN PRODUCTS. 80 LEDs cycle through a range of eight stunning lighting effects that are truly out of this world, say Smart Garden Products. With a handy hanging hook, suitability for indoor and outdoor use and with a timer function to illuminate at the same time every day, these battery-powered baubles will add a touch of cosmic craziness to homes, conservatories and gardens. This item is priced for volume sales at £19.99. Each meteor shower light is packaged with a try me function. n 01235 424100 n

Following on from the success of the original Festive Polka range last year, SMART GARDEN PRODUCTS has introduced a super- sized collection for the upcoming season, including Polka Parade, its charming nutcracker ornament. Standing at 60cm tall, this hand painted ornament is suitable for standing guard at the fireplace, giving a cheery festive welcome to guests at the front door, or dotted around the home, wherever you decide to put him, this nutcracker is certain to raise a smile, the company says. Priced at £24.99, this offers the customer a jumbo ornament, but still priced at a great RRP for volume sales says Smart Garden Products. n 01235 424100 n

stylistic palette. Traditional winter animals, such as polar bears, stags, squirrels, owls and deer, continue to have a place in Christmas decorations – as stand-alone objects or small tree decorations. And birds and sea creatures also remain on trend in the coming season. In addition to this, insects are

popular: beetles, dragonflies, spiders, grasshoppers, as well as butterflies and bees, decorate twigs, Christmas trees, tables and chests. The beetles are frequently life-sized or even larger; they can be silvery, golden, filigree or made of pearls and combined with stone effects, hand-blown and elegant in glass, or young and cute in red and white.

Visual merchandising & lighting Lighting – particularly from energy- saving LEDs – doesn’t just create an atmospheric mood in apartments, houses, and restaurants. Shops, shopping centres and towns can also score points with their own citizens and tourists if they tell the right story, so drawing visitors into town centres and shopping streets. The Christmasworld exhibitors showed how this works. Christmas needs to be staged; visitors want to

be enchanted and entertained, and they want to take unusual selfies. To this end, towns and shopping centres are becoming backdrops and stages. When the curtain goes up, elaborate and, sometimes, enormous figures in exciting dazzling colours are displayed, transporting us into unfamiliar worlds; life-sized stags that change colour or a dramatically lit flock of birds that seems to be taking loudly to the skies.

At the same time, life-sized

stylised trees in pink and white show the way to unforgettably beautiful festivities, and large hot-air balloons invite us to linger and observe with small stories. Of course, good old Father Christmas also needs to be there, with witches jumping out of delicious gingerbread houses and birds starting to sing – completely classic and wonderfully familiar: for the sake of the little ones.

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