The business works closely with manufacturers to help build its offer and introduce new ranges but, equally, is constantly reviewing lines and streamlining, where necessary. “There’s nothing worse than products that don’t sell,” says Mr Dunkley. “We don’t want to distract the customer with that.” has seen huge

growth from humble beginnings; however, Mr Dunkley insists that the roots of the business are still very much in that original roofing company that started life nearly 20 years ago, with its focus very much on looking after the customer. It may be a forward-thinking digital business but is keen to maintain a personal touch and connection with its customers, actively encouraging them to speak to its team on the phone. “We have well-trained advisors at the end of the phone, which our research highlighted as a big factor for people choosing to shop with us,” explains Mr Dunkley.

The business now takes an average of 4,000 calls every week and is working hard to train more colleagues in order to grow the

team, so that it has 50 people on hand to take customer calls. “We are an online business but always on the end of a phone,” he says. “50% of our customers now call us and we encourage them to do so.” But, you won’t hear an over-

rehearsed spiel if you call the business, assures Mr Dunkley. “We spend a lot of time on training and don’t give scripts. Our colleagues just respond to the customer. I refuse to give them a script because people are always different and we should treat them that way.” The type of calls cmostores. com advisers might handle vary considerably from day to day. One could be what Mr Dunkley describes as a relationship call, where the business is checking on what the customer wants, how they are, and what they are working on; all geared towards providing valuable feedback about customer activities and needs. But, not everyone is going to have time for discussions like that. “It’s about gauging it right and

responding to the customer,” says Mr Dunkley. “If the customer wants his stuff, he’s not going to want to talk about what projects he’s got

going on but, other times, we call someone to go over a quote or query for a job they are doing and they are willing to chat about what they need. A lot of customers don’t actually know about everything that we do, so it is our chance to provide more information.”

The company boasts a diverse team, with a real mix of skills and job roles – including marketers, e-commerce and retail specialists, and even analysts. “We do a lot of recruitment,” adds Mr Dunkley, who explains that it all comes down to what value each person can add to the business. KCP director James Excell, who joined the board following the private equity firm’s investment in 2017, says of “It is a great example of a fairly

traditional sector where a savvy, online ‘disruptor’ is really shaking up the market by providing a better option for customers. “ has an extremely bright future ahead – they have pioneered e-commerce in the construction sector and succeeded in establishing a trusted brand in a growing market.”

Mr Dunkley adds: “We’ve got

more up our sleeve. We’re quite excited about the future. I’m pushing everyone to think bigger.”

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