Frankfurt saw the annual Christmas trade fair for festive and seasonal decorations, not only matcha green but also naturalness and sustainability were on trend for this year.

means they are more individual, selective, and even luxurious. But charming

C and cheerful designs

are also on the rise, and these are enriching festive decorations. Tender Festivities, Essential

Ceremonies, Sweet Traditions and Luminous Celebrations – this is how Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano described the four big trend worlds for the coming 2019/20 festive season. On behalf of Messe Frankfurt, the designer trio was once again responsible for the much-acclaimed trend area. To create this, they filter out current trends from society, fashion, architecture and design, and transfer them to the upcoming colours, shapes and materials.

hristmasworld 2019 demonstrated that products are becoming


meticulously crafted, which

Tender Festivities is a calm and peaceful trend with a minimalist design. Central to it are unusual shapes and surfaces, combined with matt finishes, stone effects, as well as creased or folded textures and exquisite papers.

Naturalness and modernity, combined with rough and rustic aspects, are the distinguishing features of Essential Ceremonies. This trend is expressed in rough, untreated surfaces and warm, baked colours. The look, in general, is handcrafted and natural. Sweet Traditions, on the other hand, is a cheerful, charming and light-hearted trend: the surfaces are evocative of

icing and sugar

pearls, and there are hand-written patterns and drawings, as well as naive motifs. Norwegian patterns are also characteristic of the style, as are fresh colours – peach, red and berry shades, for example.

With Luminous Celebrations, the

name says it all: elegant, luminous and dark shades with intensive colourings and changing metal colours. Iridescent surfaces, spangles and sequins, ultra-shiny finishes and lurex effects, as well as velvet and feathers, make up an unusual Christmas ‘couture’. With their new products, the Christmasworld exhibitors offered retailers a rich portfolio of decorations from which they’ll be able to draw for the whole year.

In addition to the matcha trend

colour and all the different shades of green, an intensive deep blue is also coming to the fore in the seasons ahead. In addition, powder pink and berry shades, earthy colours, and coral, the latest Pantone trend colour, have prominent roles. But also the classics – gold, silver, white and black – and lastly, serene pastel colours should not be forgotten this

year. All in all, colours are becoming deeper, richer and darker.

Striking baubles and tree decorations

Stories can certainly be told on the Christmas tree. The variety of Christmas tree decorations knows no bounds and winter has long ceased to be the only central motif: decorations in the shape of sausages also adorn the tree, as do soya sauce motifs, chocolate strawberries, doughnuts, croissants and ice- creams – candies are an extremely popular motif this year. They are joined by pom-pom decorations

in cheerful colours,

hand-blown teddy bears, emojis, lips, and modern interpretations of Miffy the rabbit, as well as figures reminiscent of children’s book illustrations. At Christmas 2019, however, silver wristwatches can also be hung on the tree or from twigs, and the sea can be brought into the wintery room with seahorses, jellyfish and fish. Those who find this too frivolous can choose simple glass baubles with a milk glass effect and restrained patterns, simple paper stars or solid wood baubles painted with, perhaps, delicate floral motifs and twig designs. Valuable and meticulously-crafted baubles and tree decorations are also on trend: for handing down the generations, for example, there are bell-shaped baubles embellished with 24 carat gold, as well as elaborately painted baubles decorated with feathers and sequins, or painted with motifs from the Old Masters, such as Jan Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’.

Nature is still on trend Wood, cotton, linen, glass, ceramics, terracotta and recycled plastic and paper were the most popular raw materials at Christmasworld. Wood is the number one material – both in the floristry sector as well as for decorative accessories and gifts: the

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