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1. Stelrad launches new ‘boutique’ collection The new Boutique Collection from Stelrad Radiators includes familiar products such as Caliente, Concord and Column, but also new ranges Como, Lecco and Silhouette as well as new additions and designs for established styles like the Concord Side Concept and Concord Side Chrome – and Concord Chrome Vertical. The addition of a wider range of vertical radiators recognises the demand for narrower, taller radiators that need to fit a smaller radiator footprint. The addition of coloured radiators available from stock adds more depth to the range – with a number of the existing and new radiators available in anthracite grey from stock and most of the Collection can be ordered in up to 36 colours. The new Como is a flat brushed stainless-steel rectangular tube design for both modern and contemporary homes. The new Column Vertical Concept in anthracite grey is a combination of traditional design and modern colouring. And the new Traditional Column offers a classic look in traffic white with a chrome frame.

4. Knauf Insulation goes for the next generation Knauf Insulation has enhanced its Earthwool Soffit Linerboard range to meet the increasing demand for non-

combustible insulation in car parks, stadiums and commercial units. Earthwool Soffit

Linerboard has a Euroclass A1 Reaction to Fire Classification rating and, now, a lower thermal conductivity of just 0.034 W/. It is less susceptible to thermal bridging thanks to a new fixing method which uses tube washers in the corners of each slab instead of traditional all-steel fixings.

The entire installation process has been made easier as the new product recipe makes each slab more rigid. Earthwool Soffit Linerboard now comes in thicknesses from 50 to 220mm, with an additional base layer available to meet build-up requirements.

There are two options:

Standard has a black glass veil facing, while Extra is bonded to an off-white cementitious particle board.

It is made with

ECOSE® Technology, Knauf Insulation’s bio-based binder which makes it robust and durable yet soft to touch, easy to handle and low in dust and VOCs.


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2. Makita adds two to brand saw range

Makita’s new DPB183Z and DPB184Z LXT Brushless Portable Band Saws. are compact and lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around tight working spaces. Angled specifically for comfort, the DPB183Z and DPB184Z’s ergonomic handle design ensures ease of use in both horizontal and vertical operation. Both machines include durable, lightweight aluminium housings, with an optional grip handle. Both also have variable speed control, which is constant, maintaining blade speed. The twin LED job light has a pre-glow function and the adjustable blade tracking can be repositioned simply by turning the screw.

The DPB183Z can cut round pipe up to Ø66mm and square pipe up to 66x66mm, and the DPB184Z can cut round pipe up to Ø51mm and square pipe up to 51x51mm. The adjustable stopper plate means that both models can safely cut various sized materials and can easily cut close to walls and ceilings. 3

3. Hellberg Safety adds advanced PPE

The SECURE series of specialist PPE from Hellberg Safety, features everything from standard passive ear defenders available in 3 protection levels to advanced electronic communication solutions. SECURE ACTIVE allows users to communicate with colleagues and hear warning signals, SECURE RELAX protects hearing whilst allowing users to listen to the radio, while SECURE REACT allows them to do both while being protected from harmful noise.

The SAFE face protection range offers visors and carriers are ergonomically designed to be practical and effective and are fully compatible with the SECURE system.

5. Makita extends XGT range Makita’s four new brushless angle grinders - the GA022GZ, GA023GZ, GA028GZ and GA029Z - will withstand frequent heavy-duty cutting and grinding. Each model delivers a no load speed of 3,000-8,500rpm and features a variable speed dial. The machines come with a slide switch (GA022GZ, GA023GZ) or paddle switch (GA028GZ, GA029Z) and the GA022GZ and GA028GZ have a wheel diameter of 115mm; the other two a 125mm wheel diameter. The GA022GZ, GA023GZ, GA028GZ and GA029Z also include Makita’s Auto-start Wireless System, Active Feedback Sensing Technology and Anti– Restart function.


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