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BMF backs consumer campaign to boost construction recovery

THE BMF IS BACKING new guidance launched today (July 3) to provide reassurance to homeowners to have tradespeople carry out work in and around their homes.

The Work Safe. Safe Work campaign has been developed by Trustmark, the only government endorsed quality scheme for tradespeople, with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It comes hot on the heels of the latest Office of National Statistics Survey (ONS) that found less than 4 in 10 (37%) adults would be comfortable to have someone in their home to carry out non- emergency work, and only half of adults (51%) would feel comfortable or very comfortable having someone come into their home to carry out an emergency repair, such as fixing a boiler. A campaign booklet, which can

be downloaded or given to the homeowner before tradespeople visit the property, gives practical advice about what COVID- safety measures

should be discussed and carried out before, during and after work is done in and around their home. It also sets out helpful questions to ask, safety actions to take and which party is responsible for each task.

John Newcomb, BMF CEO, said: “Consumer confidence is pivotal to our industry’s recovery but, as the latest ONS survey shows, many people are still reluctant to have tradespeople in their home. The materials produced by Trustmark provide the guidance and reassurance householders need to feel comfortable when emergency repairs are required

BMF and h&b announce group membership scheme

ALL FULL MEMBERS of the h&b Buying Group will become members of the BMF from 1 August 2020 following the conclusion of a group membership agreement between the two organisations.

h&b is one of the UK’s largest co-operative buying organisations for independent merchants with a collective buying power of nearly £1 billion.

There are currently 61 h&b full Members in BMF membership and the remaining 23 will join the BMF in August.

Any new h&b full Members will be auto-enrolled into BMF membership during the period of the agreement.

The BMF and h&b will also work together to agree specific training requirements for h&b members and develop programmes to encourage maximum participation.

John Newcomb, BMF CEO said: “This is a landmark occasion. The BMF has long enjoyed a positive relationship with h&b and I am naturally delighted that this mutually beneficial agreement moves it up another level. “I have made it my personal mission to develop the membership of the BMF and strengthen our sectors’ profile and influence, both within the wider construction industry and with legislative bodies. The last few

August 2020

and to have the confidence to commission

improvement work to their home.

“This is incredibly important not only for the construction

industry’s recovery, but also to the UK economy. We fully support the Work Safe. Safe Work campaign and would encourage merchants to spread the word amongst their trades customers who will find it extremely useful to give the Trustmark booklet to householders before work begins.”

• More information about the Work Safe. Safe Work campaign can be found at The booklet is available at https://worksafesafework. info/resources

months have shown how far we have travelled in that direction, demonstrating the strength that comes from acting together and the collective benefits that brings.”

Jamie Wyatt, h&b Trading Director said: “This is a major step forward in the relationship of h&b and the BMF. With many h&b members already taking an active role in the BMF we have been considering a more formalised agreement for some time. The value of a strong and proactive trade body became even more evident as individual merchants sought to navigate the Covid crisis and the authoritative response of the BMF was apparent. “The benefits afforded by this agreement fit well with the h&b ethos and our future plans. The time is right to move forward with the BMF.”

BMF prioritises housing &

business support for post-Covid recovery in Wales

THE BMF has written to the Welsh Minister for Housing and Local Government with practical suggestions to support the building supply chain and lay the foundations for long- term, enduring economic recovery.

The BMF, whose Welsh members employ more than 3,000 people, encouraged the Welsh Government to invest in building more homes and to introduce a similar scheme to the Green Homes Grant in England to help improve the thermal and energy performance of existing homes. The BMF also prioritised support for businesses through business rate holidays for merchants who were forced to close temporarily, making it easier for SMEs to bid for public procurement contracts post- Brexit and excluding firms from public procurement if they do not pay promptly.

BMF CEO, John Newcomb said: “At a recent meeting of the Wales Construction Federation Alliance the Minister asked what really matters to the supply chain and we welcomed the opportunity to provide our thoughts on how best to focus their efforts recovery.”

The BMF welcome the following new members:


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