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Hamworthy Heating has improved its range of stainless steel calorifiers to now include models with a twin coil and five additional storage tanks. The new models offer better hot water performance and system security for large demand premises.

The two coils in the new versions of the Halstock calorifier can be connected in series to improve the hot water performance as there is a larger surface area for heat transfer giving faster heat up times of 19-31 minutes and higher continuous output flows – up to 2,106 l/h from the largest model. Alternatively, the calorifiers can be connected to two different heat sources such as a solar collector array and a gas boiler. This means you can use free solar energy when available but also connect to a boiler for back up or top up to the heat supply. The range is popular for soft water areas as no electrical corrosion protection systems or sacrificial anodes are required. There are five calorifier sizes available from 300-965 litre with single and twin coil options. Five buffer vessels/storage tanks have been added in 2021.


Mikrofill has supplied new condensing boilers to a West Midlands school. Thorns Primary School, situated in the south west corner of the West Midlands, currently caters for around 200 pupils from ages of 4 to 11. During the spring of 2019 a dilapidation survey by Corporate Landlord Services (part of Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council) concluded that the existing LPHW plant was to be replaced. The existing floor standing cast iron boilers were substituted by 3No Ethos 110kW condensing modules. The frame mounted boilers with integral shunt pumps have a combined modulation of 30 > 1 and supply the existing LPHW system via a Mikrovent low loss header and air/dirt separator. Skillfully installed by long-standing mechanical contractor, Lord Combustion the LPHW circuit was complimented by the installation of a Mikrofill 400 pressurisation package. For more information on these and other Mikrofill products please visit or call the sales team on 03452 606020.


Frese’s new Modbus Actuator offers several new functionalities that enable you to optimise your heating or cooling system via BMS. Energy optimisation requires data and insight, and that is exactly what the Frese Modbus Actuator delivers. Not only will it allow you to operate the PICVs in your heating and cooling system remotely via the building’s BMS, it will also provide you with important information about system performance and potential efficiency improvements. The Modbus Actuator comes in two different sizes and is compatible with Frese’s patented OPTIMA Compact series from DN15 to DN32 and DN40 to DN50. The complete library of Frese valves is stored in the actuator, easing the commissioning process, as flow setting can be done remotely. The actuator itself is very compact and can be mounted in any direction due to its IP54 protection class. Any PT1000 sensor from any manufacturer can be used, which makes it a very flexible solution for the end customer, says product manager Przemyslaw Klosiak. Contact


Baxi supporting installer Ben Frost has sung the praises of BoilerMag’s magnetic domestic heating filters. Ben regularly fits or recommends the magnetic filtration systems to his customers’ heating systems having noticed the benefits following a recommendation from his supplier. BoilerMag provides a magnetic technology that ensures virtually 100% of ferrous oxide and scale is removed on first pass. The filter can be installed within minutes and will protect for years. Its easy clean mechanism makes maintenance simple and efficient, removing both magnetic and non-magnetic debris in seconds. The dual-flow technology filters twice on each pass of the system and the innovative design offers guaranteed protection against blockages. The high-quality valves and seals enable the BoilerMag filter to fit easily in-line and has a 360-degree adjustment. Ben said: “I always fit BoilerMags. If I service a boiler that doesn’t have one, I always recommend that one is fitted in the very near future.


Humidity Solutions has won the best Ancillary Air Conditioning Product of the Year award 2021 for the HomEvap – a low energy humidifier/cooler – in the recent ACR News Awards.

Fitted to an air stream such as a heat recovery unit, the HomEvap Humidifier connects inline to provide humidity-controlled air to space. Using the adiabatic evaporative process, the water wastage is low, as is the energy usage. A built-in heater can warm the air to overcome the cooling effect if required.

The HomEvap Cooler can be fitted to the warm air extract prior to the HRU so that in this instance the cooling effect is transferred to the incoming air without the humidity, providing up to 2kw of cooling for 20w of energy. This innovative humidifier from HomEvap increases human comfort, protects materials such as musical instruments, wooden flooring etc, and ensures a healthy indoor climate.


Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has announced its latest Etherea range, now integrating the nanoe X Generator Mark 2. nanoe X technology – enhanced with the nanoe X Generator Mark 2, provides twice the production capacity of hydroxyl radicals – up to 9.6 trillion per second. Hydroxyl radicals have the capacity to inhibit pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to clean and deodorise. nanoe X technology can bring these benefits indoors making it a cleaner and pleasant place to be. nanoe X works independently from the heating and cooling operation when the unit is in fan mode, improving protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Texcell*1, a contract research organisation, has certified the inhibitory effect on SARS-CoV-2 by an air conditioner with nanoe X (unit used in test previous model: Etherea CS-Z25VKEW generating up to 4.8 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second). Texcell has certified that the nanoe X does have a 91.4% inhibitory effect on the novel coronavirus in an actual space of 6.7m3 over eight hours using the air conditioner with nanoe X.

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