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BAPI’s refrigerant leak detector delivers safe, fast and accurate leak detection ensuring

your assets are protected at all times. It can sense over 100 different refrigerants and has automatic temperature compensation for accuracy. The device detects most modern refrigerants, designed for area monitoring for leaks and spills and has a detection radius of 15m. It is designed as a plug and play device, ensuring it does not require any costly onsite setup and programming. It can sense the presence of refrigerant and alert a BMS of the potentially harmful situation. • With BAPI’s Test and Balance Switch you can quickly test a sensor’s location, range and current temperature without the need of any equipment. Just flick a switch and values will be visible on the BMS. It provides a factory wired sensor, additional terminal block for the controls cable and a separate test switch within the enclosure enabling any technician to test the resistance value from low to high temperature and back to normal with the flick of a switch. Contact 01252 544410 or


Rockwool has made selecting the optimum thickness of HVAC insulation quicker and easier, with the launch of ROCK-EQ, a new online calculator. Designed for mechanical engineers, consultants and insulation installers, ROCK-EQ produces detailed, project-specific calculation reports and recommendations. Available at and-tools/tools/rock-eq, the new tool provides extensive calculation options. Users enter basic information about their site conditions and HVAC system, and ROCK-EQ calculates the optimum thickness based on the HVAC product selected. The calculator can be used to specify solutions for requirements including condensation control, heat gain or loss, personnel protection, and protection against freezing. ROCK-EQ has standard pipe sizes, equipment materials and common claddings built-in, but will also let users input specific data for their project if necessary. The ROCK-EQ calculator has been designed to work alongside the Rockwool HVAC Systems Guide, bringing together all the information needed to specify effective HVAC insulation.


Uponor has launched a range of underfloor heating (UFH) packs to help installers source everything they need for a project from one place. Instead of installers having to calculate how much of each product they need each time, they can contact Uponor’s customer service team and receive a full breakdown of all the components required for the job. The packs include smart controls made by the same manufacturer as the pre-insulated and plumbing solutions. Having one manufacturer supplying every aspect of the UFH means the system is able to provide automatic balancing. The intelligent autobalancing function continuously monitors temperatures inside a home and regulates each heating circuit individually. This means the UFH continually adapts to suit every space and system it is placed in, without requiring the recalculations or adjustments of manual balancing. The Smatrix Pulse smart control can be managed using Alexa or Google Voice Assistant and the Smatrix Pulse app.


Vericon Systems has launched Airi, an intelligent autonomous SMS helpdesk to help property managers and tenants carry out soft fixes to their boilers, without the need for a call out. Airi uses SMS messaging direct to the tenant’s mobile phone to notify them of any issue, and if a soft fix is possible. It can also be used to notify the tenant that an engineer visit is required and when that will occur. Used in combination with Vericon’s smart BCM device, the system enables remote monitoring and management of a boiler fault. BCM identifies when a boiler fails and determines if the fault can be easily rectified. Using SMS, Airi contacts the tenant to explain the problem and provide step-by-step instructions leading to a fix. If the fault is serious, Airi will notify the tenant that an engineer will be on their way. Vericon’s Connect portal will continue to monitor the situation. If the tenant can fix the issue, the BCM will run diagnostics to ensure the boiler is working correctly before logging the fault.


The Clipacore Duocut system allows existing holes to be symmetrically enlarged without core bits skidding across a customer’s wall and running the risk of injury or damage to property.

The systems is perfect for larger boiler flue pipes, extractor fans, larger waste pipes, larger gas pipes and recessing soil fittings within a wall. It can be used in many variations of sizes from 38mm up to 152mm core bits. The inner core bit is spring loaded, meaning once the outer core bit has scarred the wall symmetrically to the smaller existing hole, the inner core bit can be removed by hand without the threads locking up and binding too tight to remove (this improves workflow efficiency). Key features include:

• 1/2” drill adaptor (sold separately) • Quick release clip • 1/2” core bit thread • Quick release clip apertures • Compression spring

42 March 2021

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