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Product name - pump type - split or mono - output range - maxium SCOP - MCS accredited - size (mm) • Yutaki M Range – ASHP – Monobloc – 4.3kW, 8kW, 11kW, 14kW & 16kW – 4.52 – MCS Accredited – 1248x704x300 (Single Fan) 1252x1380x370 (Twin Fan)

• Yutaki S80 Range – ASHP – Split – 11kW, 14kW & 16kW – 4.48 – MCS Accredited – 600x751x623 (Indoor Unit) 950x1380x370 (Outdoor Unit)

• Yutaki S Range – ASHP – Split – 4.3kW, 6kW, 8kW, 11kW, 14kW & 16kW – 4.52 – MCS Accredited – 450x712x275 (Single Fan In- door Unit) 799x629x300 (Single Fan Outdoor Unit). 520x890x360 (Twin Fan Indoor Unit) 950x1380x370 (Twin Fan Outdoor Unit)

• Yutaki SCombi Range – Air Source Heat Pump – Split – 4.3kW, 6kW, 8kW, 11kW, 14kW & 16kW – 4.52 – MCS Accredited – 600x1750x733 (Single Fan Indoor Unit) 799x629x300 (Single Fan Outdoor Unit) 600x1750x733 (Twin Fan Indoor Unit)

Installation aids available • Mounting Kits • Flexible Hoses

Controls available • Weather compensation • Cascade control • System monitoring • Integrating controls

Other products available • Thermal storage vessels / cylinders • Heating & cooling systems • Room air conditioning systems

Brief company history Country of origin: Japan Founded in: 1910

Established in the UK in: Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning was established on 1st October 2015 as a Joint Venture

Web: 950x1380x370 (Twin Fan Outdoor Unit)

Mission Statement Our mission is to create a world where people live in harmony with themselves, their relatives and the environment that surrounds them. We aim to be the catalysts of that Living Harmony.

• Application Flexibility – An extensive range of Yutaki heat pump systems catering for small and large applications in single and three phase for low or high temperature New Build or retrofit applications. • Made for any weather - The Yutaki wide operating temperature range copes even in extreme weather down to -25ºc. The system delivers heat via underfloor heating and low and high temperature radiators and produces domestic hot water, making it an ideal boiler replacement. • Comfort and Efficiency - All the R32 Yutaki models have the highest A+++ energy ratings, for energy-efficient heating and lower energy bills. • Quiet and Compact - New models’ footprint reduced by 20% and low sound levels for quiet enjoyment.

Unique selling points

CaseStudy W

and have a large carbon footprint due to their use of fossil fuel, the homeowner was interested in environmentally friendly solutions for his heating needs since there was not only the heating and hot water needs of the house to consider, but also heating for the swimming pool. High-temperature retrofit

solution As the existing heating

infrastructure of domestic radiators and a large pool heat exchanger were to be kept, the customer needed a solution that

hen the owner of a large property wanted help replacing his old inefficient oil boiler systems, he turned to established

Devon-based heating experts, Murch and Baker. With over 70 years’ combined experience in the industry, founders Danny Baker and Paul Murch are well placed to advise customers on the best heating solutions to meet their needs. As traditional oil boilers are expensive to run

would be compatible with his existing equipment. Murch and Baker suggested Hitachi Yutaki S80 high temperature (HT) heat pumps would be the best solution as flow temperatures up to 80ºC can be maintained even down to extreme outside temperatures of -20ºC. The Yutaki range of heat pumps are perfect for retrofit and renovation projects and, with many successful Hitachi ASHP installations already completed, Murch and Baker were happy to recommend the units as a very reliable and cost- effective solution. Due to the large demand on the

property, two S80 HT heat pumps were suggested for both the space heating needs of the house and the swimming pool. Hitachi HT heat pumps can be installed in a cascade system where multiple heat pumps can be installed together to match high heating loads. All Hitachi heat pumps are

MCS accredited and installations can be used to claim RHI

payments to ensure a rapid payback against replacing old technologies. The customer was impressed with the

professional service delivered by Murch and Baker and has enjoyed considerable running cost savings from his new Hitachi heat pumps. Murch and Baker said: “We have been installing Hitachi S80 HT units for the past few years and have found that they are very reliable and cost-effective, and when problems happen the technical support from Hitachi is very good.”

April 2021


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