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Virtual trade fair stand as replacement for drupa

Erhardt+Leimer, German-based specialists for automation and inspection technology with a UK subsidiary in Bradford, have launched a virtual trade fair stand on the company website. The virtual stand principally corresponds to the stand actually planned for drupa 2020, which should have taken place in June and which has been postponed to April 2021. Until the beginning of the real trade fair, customers and other interested parties can get to know all the exhibits now and can come into contact with sales employees. The latest devices for web guiding and web tension control will be presented, along with video systems. The highlight will be the EL.NET technology for networking of the individual control components via Ethernet. Information on the exhibits is available in the form of videos, 3D drawings and brochures. Anyone with specific questions or the need for further information can contact E+L staff directly using a chat function or can fill out a contact form. A prize draw gives visitors the opportunity to win vouchers for a purchase in the E+L webshop. "Of course, we all hope that drupa 2021 can also take place for real as planned, but, until then, we wish to offer our customers an adequate virtual replacement within the scope of opportunities," explains Dirk Schröder, Head of the Sales Division Print/Film/Foil at E+L. "We look forward to presenting our new products in this, admittedly, still rather unconventional manner, and thus keeping our channels of information and communication open to our customers as best we can." The virtual stand can be accessed on the company‘s website

Romaco creates training new positions

Thirteen trainees have begun their professional career at Romaco this year. The pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer currently employs 34 trainees in total at its sites in Karlsruhe and Cologne. Thirteen new trainees have just joined Romaco. The new recruits

this year include eight future industrial mechanics, mechatronics fitters, technical product designers and machinists. Romaco will also provide training to cooperative state university students (“dual students”) in the fields of engineering and business administration. In the 2020/21 winter semester, five undergraduates chose Romaco as their partner firm as they get started on the path to a bachelor’s degree. “I’m very happy that, even in this year of the pandemic, our stable economic situation allows us to fill all our training places as planned”, emphasised Andreas Wolfangel, Group Director HR & Legal at Romaco. “For Romaco, a steady stream of new apprentices and dual students represents a sustainable investment in our organisation’s competitiveness and innovative capability.” Romaco currently employs 34 trainees in total at its production

Neopac wins sustainability award

Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for a broad array of industries and applications, has been recognized by the Hungarian Association of Packaging & Materials Handling for a novel sustainable tube solution. The tube was developed by Neopac for a plant-based facial scrub from Hungarian beauty company Manna, which emphasizes eco-consciousness in a variety of its products. The co-extruded tube is comprised of 50 per cent recycled household waste (PCR), particularly materials from former milk bottles.

     ACCU DYNE TEST ™Marker Pens

• Fast, accurate on-line measurement of surface wetting and treat level by printers, coaters, laminators, and metallizers

• 22 Standard levels, from 30 through 72 dynes/cm

• Formulated from 100% reagent grade constituents, per ISO 8296 Made in the U.S.A. " $!  ! % 

$  ., Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK, (44) 1543 411460; (private labeled)  , Kolding, Denmark, (45) 76 300-333; (private labeled) !#, Almere, Nederland, (31) 36 260 00 16;

!"%, Brzoza, Poland, (48) 52 3201818; " , Claremont, NH 03743 U.S.A.

sites in Karlsruhe and Cologne. All graduates are taken on permanently by Romaco after completing their training or degree course. There are also opportunities for more new industrial business management assistants, electronics technicians for industrial engineering, industrial mechanics, mechatronics fitters, skilled warehouse operators and machinists to begin training in 2021 in Karlsruhe and Cologne. At the Romaco Kilian site in Cologne, tablet presses for

pharmaceutical, food and chemical products are manufactured. Romaco Pharmatechnik GmbH, based in Karlsruhe, builds machinery and equipment for packing tablets and capsules into blisters, strips and rigid tubes.

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