Sustainable Converting

Wipak UK invests in ‘game-changing’ sustainable product

nineties, through to “compostable” plastics claiming to be “plastic-free”. Wipak UK’s new conversion equipment

is fully in-line with our promise to reduce our CO2 footprint to ZERO and will allow us to develop REAL sustainable packaging solutions with REAL benefits for our customers, consumers and the environment.” The investment project is aligned with


upplier of flexible packaging solutions, Wipak UK, has unveiled plans for a major, multi-million pound

strategic investment to significantly enhance its capabilities and sustainable product offering.

Specialising in sophisticated, high barrier

films for food products, the Welshpool- based manufacturing site is investing over £5million in state-of-the-art conversion equipment, which will produce flexible packaging solutions with significantly less plastic, a lower carbon footprint and which can be easier to recycle. “The new machinery is set to be in

operation by summer 2021 and will be a game-changer for Wipak UK, giving us a unique value proposition for our existing and new customers,” explains managing director, Andrew Newbold. “The sustainability pressures that we face

are possibly the most complex that I have experienced in my 24 years in the flexible packaging industry. These are challenges that we must overcome through true innovation and I find it increasingly frustrating to see examples of greenwashing in the market, from “environmentally friendly” packaging made from the same material used to pack crisps since the

Wipak UK’s ambitious growth plans over the coming years, with the new conversion machines expected to create more than 50 new jobs for the local area in the coming years. “At a time when some packaging

companies are consolidating their UK operations, Wipak UK is continuing to expand. We are part of the family-owned, European-based Wipak Group and this investment – which is the largest investment in Wipak UK’s history – gives a very clear message of the Company’s commitment to the UK packaging market, belief in UK manufacturing capabilities and recognition of the hard work of our employees at our site in Welshpool,” Andrew concludes.

Flow Cosmetics chooses sustainable Metsä Board paperboards

the Metsä Group, as its packaging material of choice, for its innovative range of shampoos, body and face soaps. Bar-shaped cosmetic products are


ecological to use as well as to transport and store. MetsäBoard Natural FBB was selected for the packaging board for its visual appearance, lightness, and ecology. In addition, the uncoated surface of the paperboard has a pleasing natural look and feel. “As part of our zero waste principle, we

chose sustainable MetsäBoard Natural FBB board. We wanted to ensure that our

low Cosmetics, a Finnish natural cosmetics company, has selected paperboard from Metsä Board, part of

products are natural all the way through to the packaging, and that they comply with stringent quality requirements,” says Riitta Jänkälä, Founder and CEO of Flow Cosmetics. "It's also important to us that all our packaging boards are recyclable after use." MetsäBoard Natural FBB board is a fresh,

lightweight paperboard, and its smooth surface also enables good quality print. In addition to the printing techniques, simple foils were used in the post-processing of the packaging, which gives the final packaging a luxurious look. “Durable, ecological and stylish packaging

is an integral part of the attraction of a product as well as giving a good end customer experience. Ecological and sustainable packaging makes the product relevant and significant,” comments Jari Halminen, CEO of Papermark, that manufactured the packaging. October 2020 41

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