Sustainable Converting

New, sustainable paperboard alternative to plastic food trays


ade from pure cellulose fibres, Inverform has been specifically developed for pressed and folded

trays used in food packaging. Inverform has an exceptional formability and is the ideal replacement for traditional solutions, such as plastic trays. “Iggesund Paperboard has a long tradition of working sustainably and producing material that won’t harm the environment. Inverform was developed largely in response to the plastic pollution problem,” says Stefan Söderberg, sales manager, Iggesund Paperboard. The extensive use of plastic materials is

linked to many serious problems, including: • The large climate impact caused by the fossil fuels required to make plastic

• Plastic collecting in the oceans and elsewhere, due to the lack of biodegradability

• Excess waste due to a low level (less than 40 per cent) of recycling Iggesund Paperboard is part of the

Swedish forest industry group Holmen, a group that several times in the last decade has been listed as one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies on different sustainability indices. All Holmen Mills have

been awarded Platinum. “We were

determined to come up with a renewable and recyclable material for food trays that would be more environmentally friendly than plastic, while maintaining the same high packaging performance throughout the value chain,” says Stefan Söderberg. Food and retail companies that are

looking for more ways for their products to support a sustainable future can now ask for trays made of Inverform. Trays made of Inverform with a plastic barrier have a substantially lower carbon footprint than the common plastic tray and can be recycled in existing paper packaging recycling schemes. And, in

addition to helping to lower the climate impact, Inverform packaging meets the highest standards for food hygiene and protection, ensuring longer life and less food waste. “Inverform is the first of a new product application and we are in the process of developing the next generation of barriers since there is an increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions and the requirements are becoming tougher each year. We are continuously improving our products to help our customers with their challenges now and in the future,” says Stefan Söderberg.

FACTS Inverform is a Solid Bleached Board (SBB) made of pure cellulose fibres sourced from sustainably managed forests. A polymer barrier is added to Inverform making it ideal for tray forming and heat sealing. Inverform is a food grade material, without added optical brightening agents and it has all the required food safety certificates, including being safe for use in microwaves and conventional ovens.

Orion Engineered Carbons launches new packaging system for sustainable handling


rion Engineered Carbons, a supplier of specialty and high- performance Carbon Black, announced the introduction of a new packaging system with soluble and meltable Minibags for

dust- free and sustainable handling Orion has developed Minibags as a customised packaging solution

for Carbon Black. Minibags are available for different material types, melting points and capacities. They have been designed to optimize the production process and serve small order quantities of between 100 g and 10 kg. Minibags are suitable for both powder and beaded Carbon Blacks. Carbon Black is a dusty and fluffy substance often presenting handling

and packaging challenges. Minibags mitigate these challenges by allowing for direct incorporation into the production process without the need for opening the bags. Depending on the material, Minibags can either be water-soluble or meltable in polymers thus reducing waste and enabling the dust free processing of Carbon Black. All common polyethylene and other compatible elastomer bases as well as ethylene vinyl acetate or polyvinyl alcohol are offered as Minibag-material. The differing material characteristics and melting points enable the adaption of the bags to meet customers’ needs. Orion Engineered Carbons also offers small aluminum bags, in such cases, where the moisture protection of Carbon Black is most important. The Minibags are produced in Germany and are available for

purchase immediately.

40 October 2020

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