Advertisement: Cover Story The importance of a reliable partner

“A lasting and trusting relationship with customers is our main priority at Bimec. Our aim is always to ensure a constant assistance, from the consulting stage until the end of the product’s life cycle”

relationships with its customers. Among these is SIT Group, who has been a partner since 1998, which has equipped its own factories with efficient and high-quality slitter rewinders. SIT Group is an industrial group from the


Republic of San Marino, working in the European flexible packaging market, with three plants in Pesaro, Padova and San Marino. Due to its continuous growth and expansion, it has built a widespread global distribution network. Since 1987 the SIT Group has continued to launch technological renewals that allow the implementation of additional customer-oriented services and expand its product range. One of the main renovations involved the machinery, which consists of seven rotogravure machines, three flexographic printing machines, five laminators and 20 cutting machines for different types of material and runs.

ince its inception, Italian slitter manufacturer Bimec has been very careful to establish long-term business

possibility of creating different slitting and rewinding solutions. It is a very practical machine suitable for the slitting of plastic films, paper and laminates. It is an efficient and versatile slitter rewinder in an enivronmentally compact size. The various STM50 models were installed in a specular position in order to simplify the operator’s work during the unloading of the finished rolls, and have been equipped with the latest automation. Like the other slitter rewinders contained in Bimec’s product range, the STM50 is available in two versions: the first with two asynchronous motors, one for draw unit and one for both rewind stations, and the second one with three motors, one for the draw unit and one for each rewind station. The STM50 belongs to the Bimec’s STM

Bimec’s STM60-80 Hence why the Group has purchased

various models of Bimec's STM50, a dual spindle slitter rewinder that, thanks to its single face structure, with unwinding and rewinding on the same side, offers the

8 December/ January 2020

series, which contains two additional models of dual spindle slitter rewinders: the STM60 and the STM80. With their modular design, they can be adapted to the customers’ requirements. The C+ configuration features a short web-path under a running board which is well isolated from the floor, to guarantee the hygiene standards and prevent any contamination of the material with dust. The strengths of the STM60/80 structure and the material quality ensure high speed and good performance too. They also offer the possibility to be equipped with a splicing table, with a vacuum system as optional. In terms of configuration, the operator can choose between automatic, semi-automatic and manual positioning system. The slitting unit can be set in conformity with the kind of materials to be slit and there are several slitting methods: razor blades, mechanical

shear knives, independent mechanical knives and pneumatic knives.

Bimec’s TCA64C+

TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS The Italian company knows that the plastic market is now experiencing a moment of change and it wants to take the challenge. Bimec’s goal is to offer the market the opportunity to grow together and has developed its machines to be easily integrated with laser cutting, perforation, rolls and reels handling, embossing, print visioning and inspection too. Depending on the customer’s requirements, Bimec proposes tailor-made solutions that make it possible to work without giving-up on high performances and quality. The TCA series in an example of this kind of

integration: it comprises duplex turret slitter rewinders, highly automated to increase productivity and reducing downtime during the working cycle. The models in this series are available in four different versions with several cutting options and the possibility to be integrated according to the customer’s needs; they also feature a quick system for the unloading of finished reels. Bimec’s solutions will be exhibited at drupa 2020 in Dusseldorf, from 16 to 26 June.

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