Labelling Solutions

Schreiner MediPharm and PragmatIC’s strategic partnership launch labels

provide manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and medical devices with a more extensive portfolio of cost-efficient smart labels. The new RFID-Labels feature a flexible electronic chip embedded in Schreiner MediPharm’s functional labels. Unlike conventional silicon chips, the chips from


PragmatIC’s ConnectIC family are extremely thin and flexible, and can be embedded into a variety of substrates. This makes the solution particularly suitable for containers such as vials and small syringes that typically have very small radius of curvatures. The use of label-integrated RFID technology enables secure identification, traceability and authentication of devices or pharmaceuticals according to the key- lock principle. Like all Schreiner MediPharm solutions, the labels are customised for application to the respective primary containers, packaging or devices to enhance ease of use and safety. “Until now, conventional RFID/NFC solutions have mainly been used in high-value use cases. Due to the cooperation with PragmatIC, we are now able to offer attractively priced, smart pharma labels even for high- volume and low-cost medicines,” says Dr Thomas Schweizer, president of Schreiner MediPharm. "Schreiner MediPharm’s label and industry expertise combined with our products is set to accelerate the deployment of RFID-based digital solutions in the healthcare sector,” comments Scott White, CEO of PragmatIC. “We are really pleased to see adoption of our technology by Schreiner MediPharm and look forward to working closely with them to develop new use cases for their products.” Tamper-resistant anti-counterfeit labels for electric bikes S

chreiner ProTech has developed three labeling solutions for German manufacturer Brose Antriebstechnik’s e-bike drive systems. The solutions protect electric components against weather and mechanical impact while incoprorating tamper-evidence and anti- counterfeiting attributes. The global e-bike industry is booming: Their number has nearly doubled in the last three years in Germany alone and, in North America, their popularity is surging especially in congestion- prone urban areas like New York and Los Angeles. Schreiner

ProTech’s solution was developed for Brose. In addition to electric motors, Brose manufactures mechatronic

systems for vehicle doors and seats as well as electronics for steering systems, brakes, transmissions and engine cooling. The company has transferred this know-how to e-bikes and designed a drive system for electric bicycles. The demands made on the marking, tamper protection and anti-

counterfeiting solutions for Brose Antriebstechnik’s electric drive system are high. Even after years of exposure to all kinds of weather conditions, reliable adhesion and readability of the labels must be ensured. “In addition to retaining their visual appeal during their entire lifespan, the labels must be UV and weather-resistant, and withstand mechanical impacts such as gravel on the road,” says Jens Klüdtke, key account manager at Schreiner ProTech. To meet these demands, the company developed three labels: First,

a label with a protective overlaminate, which effectively displays the manufacturer’s logo and optimally protects it against external influences. The second label is a nameplate which, in addition to marking the product, enables it to be authenticated by means of a complex, tamper-evident checkerboard film that is difficult to counterfeit. The third label incorporates a housing closure seal with security slits on the e-bike motor and reliably indicates potential tampering attempts.

December/ January 2020 19

chreiner MediPharm, a Germany-based provider of specialty pharmaceutical labeling solutions, and PragmatIC, are partnering to

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