Sustainable Converting DS Smith receives ‘Blossoming Company’ award

recognised by the Ministry as significantly contributing to an improved local environment. Activities included engaging with the Nature Conservation Authority of the City of Aschaffenburg and various horticultural experts, through to compiling inventories of existing green areas and native plants whilst actively being involved in wildlife and floral conservation – including the removal of plants not native to the local environment and the installation of insect hotels. Commentating on receiving the award,

Ulrich Albert MD at DS Smith Paper in Aschaffenburg says: ‘Everyone here at Aschaffenburg, and indeed across DS Smith, are delighted to receive this recognition – it is testament to the hard work and dedication put in by everyone at the mill. At DS Smith, as part of our purpose to redefine packaging for a changing world, we are committed to being a responsible neighbour in the communities in which we operate.” Albert continues: “We are proud of what


S Smith Aschaffenburg received the Blossoming Company award, in recognition of its outstanding

achievements in protecting valuable local environmental resources. The paper mill were not only the first

Bavarian paper mill to receive this award but were also the first company in the Bavarian Lower Main region to be recognised by the Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection within the framework of the Bavarian Blossom Pact. The Blossom Pact is an initiative for insect

protection that aims to preserve and strengthen the diversity of species within the Bavarian region. In winning the Blossoming Company Award DS Smith had to demonstrate a commitment to protecting endangered habitats by

designing their open spaces to preserve environmental resources and allow insects to thrive and flourish in natural conditions. Staff and management from the paper

mill have been involved in a variety of sustainability initiatives which have been

we have achieved to date, but our work to protect the local environment does not stop here. We’ll continue with all the work we are doing, and we have may plans to include; perennial and tree planting, setting up more insect hotels and bird nesting boxes and the exciting installation of a peregrine falcon nest box with a live video monitoring feed, which we will share across our organisation and the wider community.” The Bavarian State Minister for the

Environment and Consumer Protection, Thorsten Glauber (MdL), on presenting the award said: "I am grateful to you [DS Smith] that you also live the image of a community spirit in your businesses here and also show your contribution to the outside world for more species protection and more biodiversity".

consumers looking for more eco-friendly solutions. The first customers include Finnair’s lounges in Helsinki replacing their plastic and

paper straws, food delivery platform Wolt, the alcoholic beverage brand company Altia, Hotel St. George, and vegan café Kippo, among others. The first customers represent different business sectors but have one common interest: to be in the forefront of sustainability. For end-consumers, the straws will be available in January via, an online store specialised in compostable tableware and packaging, and an online retailer “There’s clearly a large demand for our product that both fulfills the sustainability

criteria and has superior usability. Like all Sulapac materials, the straw is 100 per cent microplastic-free. It is designed to mimic nature; if the straw accidentally ends up in the ocean, it acts like a birch leaf and does not harm the ecosystem,” says Sulapac CEO Suvi Haimi.

22 December/ January 2020

Sulapac and Stora Enso launch sustainable straw S

ulapac and Stora Enso have launched a renewable and microplastic-free straw to combat the global problem of plastic waste. The straw has strong usability and works just like a traditional straw. The new straws are available to brands and

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