Finishing Equipment

TM Print, provider of specialty printing systems, launches the new DTM FX810e Foil Imprinter for finishing and highlighting product labels with a width of up to 220 mm (8’’). This industrial-grade foil imprinting system for heavy-duty jobs is therefore the ideal extension of the company’s existing product portfolio. The new DTM FX810e adds brilliant

Foil imprinter launched for finishing labels D

100 mm of the label customers can use a 100 mm wide ribbon roll. With the optional built-on guillotine

shiny metallic or laminated highlights both to blank or already pre-printed labels, whether they have been produced by inkjet, laser, LED, offset or flexo printing. Fast and accurate one-colour printing for either adding data like simple text or bar codes to pre-printed labels or printing single-coloured labels is possible as well. The DTM FX810e features a robust metal housing, an intuitively to use colour touchscreen and can be connected via USB 2.0 and Ethernet 10/100. Its maximum print speed is 101.6 mm (4’’) per second and it uses DTM Print certified thermal transfer ribbons with a maximum width of 220 mm. It is recommended to choose the ribbon width depending on the label design. If the layout covers only

cutter the printer can horizontally cut continuous, die-cut and reflective label stock. That allows customers to use this printing system also for cutting down larger rolls of pre-printed labels into handy label stacks. A sturdy external passive label unwinder for rolls with an outer diameter of up to 254 mm (10”) completes the printing system. From initial set-up to full operation the

DTM FX810e is easy to use. Besides the passive label unwinder, the printer driver for Windows 7/10 is included along with one starter ribbon black with 220 mm width and four metallic ribbons with 100

A range of label products can benefit from finishing and highlighting

mm each (gold, silver, red and blue). The design software NiceLabel Free 2019 DTM Edition (for Windows) for simple creations of label designs completes the delivery. The printer can also be used with other popular label design software such as BarTender and graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator and other Windows applications. DTM FX810e Foil Imprinter sells for € 1,995 (MSRP) and is available through authorised DTM Print resellers and distributors in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Cutting-edge automation doubles productivity D

urham Box is the first customer in the UK to have a Zund D3 cutter with a BHS 150 material handling system

installed, giving the company 24/7, non-stop operation capabilities. The purchase was part of an on-going factory expansion and recent acquisition of the property next door, the 10,000 square foot unit enabled the installation of the Zund cutter. “We saw the Zund cutting edge

automation first-hand during our visit to the Zund Customer Experience Centre at Zund HQ in Switzerland and knew straight away this was the right investment for us. We saw other digital cutting manufacturers but the Zund D3 build quality and cutting speed impressed us, especially the dual beam configuration for maximum productivity alongside the board handling system. The Modular cutter concept the D3 has to offer was also a positive for us because it means we can adapt our Zund cutter to new requirements at any time, making our investment future proof for upgrades and expansions,” comments Dan Morris, joint managing director at Durham Box. Durham Box predominantly manufacture

corrugated packaging for both small SME’s and large multinational companies; a key driver to its success is their ethos of supporting customers of all sizes regardless

material can be moved into the loading unit and then fed onto the cutting system without further manual intervention. The BHS 150 is an innovative system that

makes use of a conveyorised transport system for unloading and stacking the cut material, eliminating the need for bridges to keep cut pieces in place and reduces the time and effort involved in separating cut parts from waste. “Medium and large orders can now be processed unattended, even in lights-out operations,” continues Morris. Furthermore, the Zund D3 sets new

of their volume requirements. “Regardless if you spend £5,000 or £500,000, Durham Box will employ the same high level of energy to every aspect of your packaging requirement,” says Morris. In recent years, the company has seen an

increase in enquiries for digital printing and took a business decision to invest and expand its offering to also include large format printing solutions for its customers. This led to the purchase of the Zund D3 XL- 3200, a 3210 x 3200m flatbed cutter equipped with a BHS 150 board handling system that enables them to produce around the clock with minimal operator intervention or resources. With an impressive stack height capacity of 1.5m, pallets of raw

performance standards with its innovative dual beam system. The two beams can each be equipped with up to three different modules and enable the doubling of the material throughput with both beams cutting simultaneously. “We also liked the intuitive, modular

functionality the D3 offers compared to a conventional die cutting machine. Jobs can be set up extremely quickly which means we have the flexibility of having short run capabilities on the Zund with minimal downtime. The Zund D3 digital cutter compliments our recent digital printer purchase, giving us a complete workflow process. December/ January 2020 35

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