Snacking Made Right T

he pandemic has led to many changes in people’s behaviour but snacking remains a key opportunity,

with 9 in 10 adults saying they are snacking more or the same vs pre pandemic . Our mission is to deliver the right

snack, for the right moment, made in the right way. We call this Snacking Made Right. Within this, we’ve identified key five focus areas that are shaping the future of snacking.


Many consumers are placing a higher focus on their wellbeing – whether that be physical or emotional. In fact, 25% of us are more influenced by health when selecting products than pre-pandemic. We’ve responded to this through innovation such as Cadbury Nuttier, which is bringing consumers a more permissible treat with whole fruit, nuts and a hint of indulgence.


Consumers are now more conscious of where things come from and the packaging they come in. In fact, 90% of consumers are equally or more concerned about environmental issues since the pandemic. We have made some big commitments as a business, such as setting an ambitious target of 100% recyclable packaging and 100% sustainable cocoa sourcing globally for chocolate by 2025. Most recently, we announced all 6 Mondelēz production sites are using 100% renewal electricity generated in Great Britain.

18 | Value

Good value for money is important to most of us, but premiumisation remains a key trend for those looking to treat themselves too. For the first time since the start of the pandemic consumers are focusing on spending more on quality snacks versus price . Cadbury Nuttier is a good example of a new offer to our range that is encouraging trade up. While a branded hot drink offer such as Cadbury Hot Chocolate offers reassurance of a quality taste.


With restrictions now eased, the on-the-go occasion is returning. Ensure you are offering the latest best sellers, like Cadbury Twirl Orange, now our No1 selling singles bar . Sharing will also be important as we

enjoy those moments to come together, so consider some sharing products such as Cadbury Nibbly Fingers.


Never have connections and special moments been more important and consumers are looking to make up for the lost opportunities of the cancelled celebrations over the past 18 months. Snacking plays a key role in these moments, especially when it comes to festive sales. Consider a festive treat in your vending range at Christmas or Easter, for example Cadbury Mini Snowballs and Cadbury Mini Eggs.

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