Hybrid working brings opportunities for vending

As office workers return after months of lockdown, how can vending capitalise as employers look for new contactless/hygienic catering solutions in line with the growing hybrid working trend. Here VI shares the thoughts of three prominent vending roleplayers.

Martin Verspeak, CTO at Mr Lee’s Pure Foods says: “There’s been a lot of talk in the press about staff going back to their places of work and wishing to carry on the eating habits they took up during lockdown. So rather than what they used to eat, workers will seek out healthier lunch options. Vending machines in work settings will have to adapt to this new demand. Mr Lee’s Kiosks satisfy these needs by offering a range of high quality, hot and healthy on- the-go foods with real freeze-dried ingredients and no added nasties.” He adds: “As people start returning to workplaces after lockdown, it’s going to be important for vending machines to implement contactless and hygienic solutions to minimise the spread of COVID- 19. We offer a hands-free solution which allows customers to buy our products without having to touch the screen which greatly reduces the risk of contamination. Screens are also cleaned regularly and there are minimal touch points to collect

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your product. With new hybrid working models being implemented there will be fewer people in workplaces and therefore, having shelf-stable foods is a great option. Not only do they not need to be replenished as often as other types of products, but they also help to prevent food wastage. Additionally, offering a range of hot healthy snacks that covers the whole day, will also be key. With our range of congee, noodles and porridges we offer something that is not only healthy but also tasty and filling” he adds. It seems likely that the office as we knew

it will change and perhaps office coffee service as well as food provision will be different owing not only to hybrid working arrangements but also the pressing demand for hygienic, contactless solutions as well as healthy options. This does not have to be bad news for

vending which is in an ideal position to capitalise. It can already offer contact free snacks and drinks including

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