MISAF - Milan Shoes & Accessories Fair - is the first footwear fair realized in Italy by Asian producers to give visibility to their products and to open up to the Italian, European and worldwide market. The first edition will take place this June 2019, from the 15th to 17th, inside Studio Novanta, located in Via Mecenate 88/A, Milan.


ISAF is the first footwear manufacturing exhibition aimed at promoting the industrial cooperation

between Europe and Asia. This edition of the fair will host around 100 exhibitors of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear that will enliven the event and meet up with the main players in fashion in Milan, the international capital of fashion, which will also be hosting the Men’s Fashion Week in that same period. Specifically, the exhibitors will present their collections of elegant, casual, sports shoes (sneakers, outdoor shoes, work shoes ...), as well as accessories and other leather products. A wide selection of proposals that range from the highest level to the medium-low offers will be represented.

MISAF is promoted by Plum Solution srl, a company

that favours exchanges between Europe and China and by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts Crafts, which gathers the excellence of the Chinese footwear industry. Together they have been collaborating for years with the aim of enhancing and strengthening exchanges between European and Chinese businessmen and manufacturers.

Their previous experiences include both the

organization of several editions of shoes fairs in Beijing to promote Italian footwear and accessories companies and the engagement of many delegations of Chinese buyers going to Italy to purchase Italian footwear. In particular, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts Crafts is responsible for studying and monitoring sales and sector trend, therefore it knows the nuances of the Chinese and international footwear markets very well. Although MISAF is at its first edition, thanks to these past experiences gained in Europe and thanks to the professionalism and high competence of both Plum Solution Srl and China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts Crafts, the intention is to provide the Italian and European audience with shoes for every person and every style.

The fair will present companies coming mainly from

the provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, that together represent the Chinese footwear district. Fujian Province is the most important area for the manufacture of sports shoes in the world. Guangdong Province is the center of the creation of mid-tier shoes.

Zhejiang Province is famous for the industrial production of leather and synthetic leather, while Sichuan Province mainly produces women’s shoes.

The companies that will join MISAF have already been

working with the European and American markets, establishing strong connections with them (in Europe, they export on average one to ten million dollars each year). Their aim is to present themselves as valid partners for the private labels and show their successful and trendy brands.

Among the exhibitors are companies producing for

Baolite, Lapps, Runxin, Goodyear, as well as luxury brands like Sheme. This is the first Chinese shoe brand to appear at the Fashion Week in Paris, London and New York, thanks to its ability to mix the East and the West in unique manufactured shoes, worn by famous women like Cherie Blair, Pace Wu, Chen Yao, Jody Watley,

Shawn Colvin, Chen Luyu. At the fair there will also be well-known companies, such as O Kangnai Group Co. With its 300 stores in China and over 100 abroad, Kangnai is one of the most important Chinese production companies and a partner for several brands including Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, and Rockport. And regarding sports shoes, one of the most important is Clorts (brand born from the combination of "Climbing" and "Sports") which focuses on innovation applied to outdoor shoes (product photos).

MISAF is the first footwear fair aimed at promoting

industrial cooperation between Europe and Asia by encouraging international investment and commercial outlets, particularly for Chinese producers. The shoes offer for men, women and children at MISAF will represent a balance between quality, fashion, and price in addition to the best products of the Asian luxury sector.


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